Andre Geim

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Sir Andre Geim
Andre Konstantin Geim Ruso: Андрей Константинович Гейм

(1958-10-21) 21 Oktubre 1958 (edad 65)[1]
MamamayanDutch and British
NagtaposMoscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Kilala saDiscovering graphene[2][3][4]
Levitating a frog[5]
Developing gecko tape[6]
AsawaIrina V. Grigorieva[7][8]
ParangalIg Nobel Prize (2000)
Mott Prize (2007)
Fellow of the Royal Society (2007)
EuroPhysics Prize (2008)
Körber Prize (2009)
John J. Carty Award (2010)
Hughes Medal (2010)
Nobel Prize in Physics (2010)
Knight Bachelor (2012)[1]
Copley Medal (2013)[9]
Karera sa agham
LaranganCondensed matter physics
InstitusyonMoscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Institute of Solid State Physics
Russian Academy of Sciences
University of Manchester
Radboud University Nijmegen
TesisInvestigation of mechanisms of transport relaxation in metals by a helicon resonance method (1987)
Doctoral advisorVictor Petrashov[9][10]
Doctoral studentSoren Neubeck[11]
Konstantin Novoselov[12]
Rashid Jalil[13]
Da Jiang[14]
Rahul Raveendran-Nair[15]
Ibtsam Riaz[16]
Gareth Young[17]

Si Sir Andre Konstantin Geim, FRS (Ruso: Андрей Константинович Гейм; ipinanganak noong 21 Oktubre 1958) ay isang ipinanganak na Rusong pisikong British-Dutch na nagtatrabaho sa University of Manchester.[18] Siya ay ginawaran ng Gantimpalang Nobel sa Pisika noong 2010 kasama ni Konstantin Novoselov para sa kanyang paggawa sa graphene.[19][20] Siya ay isang Regius Professor ng Pisika, Langworthy Professor sa University of Manchester at direktor ng Manchester Centre for Mesoscience and Nanotechnology.[21][22][23][24][25][26]

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