Dione (buwan)

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Dione viewed by Cassini just before its final close flyby on August 17, 2015 - Saturn and its rings are in the background.
Natuklasan niGiovanni Cassini
Natuklasan noongMarch 21, 1684
Ibang designasyonSaturn IV
Orbital characteristics
Semi-major axis377396 km
Orbital period2.736915 d[1]
Inclination0.019° (to Saturn's equator)
Satellite ofSaturn
Pisikal na katangian
Dimensiyon1128.8 × 1122.6 × 1119.2 km[2]
Mean radius561.4±0.4 km[2]
Pang-ibabaw na sukat3964776.51 km2[3]
Mass(1.095452±0.000168)×1021 kg[4] (3.28×10-4 Earths)
Mean density1.478±0.003 g/cm³[2]
Surface gravity0.233 m/s2
Escape velocity0.51 km/s
Rotation period2.736915 d
Axial tiltzero
Albedo0.998±0.004 (geometric)[5]
Temperature87 K (−186°C)
Apparent magnitude10.4 [6]

Ang Dione ay isang buwan sa Saturn.

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