Innocence of Muslims

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Ang "Innocence of Muslims"[1][2] (na kilala rin bilang Muhammad Movie Trailer at The Real Life of Muhammad) ay isang anti-Islam na video na isinulat at nilikha ni Nakoula Basseley Nakoula gamit ang pangalang "Sam Bacile".[3][4][5] [6][7][8] [9][10] Ang mga clip ay unang in-upload sa Youtube noong Hulyo 2012 sa ilalim ng titulong The Real Life of Muhammad at Muhammad Movie Trailer.[11] Ang mga video na dinub sa wikang Arabiko ay in-upload noong pagsisimula ng Setyembre 2012[12] [13] Noong Setyembre 9, 2012, ang isang bahagi ng video sa Youtube ay ipinalabas sa Al-Nas TV na isang Islamista na estasyong telebisyon sa Ehipto.[14][15] Ang mga demonstrasyon at marahas na mga protesta sa mga diplomatikong misyon ng Estados Unidos ay sumiklab noong Setyembre 11, 2012 sa Ehipto at Libya at kumalat sa ibang mga bansang Muslim at ilang mga kanluraning bansa. Ayon sa Estados Unidos at mga opisyal ng Libya, may isang armadong pag-atake sa diplomatikong misyon ng Estados Unidos na nagsanhi ng kamatayan ng ambassador ng Estados Unidos na si J. Christopher Stevens at iba pang Amerikano gayundin ang pagsunog sa embahada ng Estados Unidos sa Libya. [16][17] Ang trailer ng pelikulang ito ay inilarawan ng Reuters na naglalarawan kay Muhammad "bilang isang ulol, babaero, at isang pekeng relihiyoso" at nagpakita sa kanya na nakikipagtalik. [18]

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  1. The title used here is not an actual film production known to exist, or any official trailer or clip released by the confirmed production company. The title given has become the common name referenced by media outlets after interviews by several figures surrounding this subject to describe the overdubbed clips uploaded to YouTube. Lucas Kavner of the Huffington Post reports: "What we know about Bacile and his film comes solely from his own mouth." In the report, Amy Lemisch (Director of the California Film Commission) stated to The Huffington Post: "[N]o permits were given to anyone by the name of "Sam Bacile," nor to any project with the title of Muslim Innocence or The Innocence of Muslims." she also stated "We went to our internal database field... and we searched under 'innocence' or 'Muslims,' and we did not issue a permit for it."[1]
  2. On Thursday, September 20, 2012, FilmLA released a redacted version of the LA County film permit. The title given was “Desert Warriors” and named Media for Christ as the production company. The one-day permit had a cost of $1,195 and allowed for location shooting at Blue Cloud Ranch with a crew of 20 and a similar amount of cast members. No names were shown. The permit allowed live animals, torches and burning barrels to simulate a structural fire.[2]
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