Kirgistan: Pagkakaiba sa mga pagbabago

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|national_anthem = [[Pambansang Awit ng Republika ng Kyrgyz]]
|image_map = LocationKyrgyzstan.svg
|official_languages = [[Wikang Kirgis:|Kirgis]], [[Wikang Ruso|Ruso]]<REF>{{cite web | url= | title= Constitution | accessdate= 2007-07-07 | publisher= [[:en:Government of Kyrgyzstan|Government of Kyrgyzstan]] | quote= <br />Article 5<br />1. The state language of the Kyrgyz Republic shall be the Kyrgyz language.<br />2. In the Kyrgyz Republic, the Russian language shall be used in the capacity of an official language.}}</ref>
|demonym = Kyrgyz<br />Kyrgyzstani<ref name="factbook">[ CIA World Factbook entry on Kyrgysztan]</ref>
|government_type = [[:en:Unitary state|Unitary]] [[:en:Parliamentary system|parliamentary republic]]


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