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Ikinakarga sa Mga wika ng India
(Ikinakarga sa Mga wika ng India)
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#REDIRECT [[Kaurian:Mga wika ng India]]
{{Infobox language
|nativename=अवधी<br />اودھی
|states=[[India]], [[Nepal]], [[Fiji]] (as [[Fijian Hindustani]])<ref name=e16/>
|region=[[Awadh]] and [[Doab|Lower Doab]] regions in [[Uttar Pradesh]] and [[Nepal]] and adjacent areas of neighboring states
|speakers=38 million
|ethnicity=[[Awadhi people|Awadhis]]
|speakers2=501,752 in Nepal (2011)<ref></ref> Census results conflate most speakers with Hindi.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Census of India: Abstract of speakers’ strength of languages and mother tongues –2001 | |date= |accessdate=2015-03-02}}</ref>
|fam2=[[Indo-Iranian languages|Indo-Iranian]]
|fam3=[[Indo-Aryan languages|Indo-Aryan]]
|fam4=[[Hindi languages|Central Zone (Hindi)]]
|fam5=[[Eastern Hindi]]
|script=[[Devanagari]], [[Kaithi]], [[Perso-Arabic Script|Perso-Arabic]]
|nation={{Flag|Fiji}} (as [[Fiji Hindi]])<br>{{Flag|Nepal}}
Ang wikang '''Awadhi''' ([[Devanagari]]: अवधी) ay isang wikang sinasalita sa [[Awadh]] sa [[India]].
[[Kaurian:Mga wika ng India]]
[[Kategorya:Indoario Central]]

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