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Padron:Age in weeks

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This template returns the number of weeks that have elapsed between two dates. If the second set of parameters is not included it will automatically calculate the days between a given date and today.

Usage[baguhin ang wikitext]

Each date can be entered in a single parameter, or each date can be entered as three parameters: year, month, day.

  • {{age in weeks|month1=6|day1=14|year1=1946|month2=8|day2=19|year2=1946}} → 9
  • {{age in weeks|1946|6|14|1946|8|19}} → 9
  • {{age in weeks|1946-6-14|1946-8-19}} → 9
  • {{age in weeks|14 June 1946|Aug 19, 1946}} → 9
  • {{age in weeks|month1=11|day1=07|year1=2012}} → 605
  • {{age in weeks|7 November 2012}} → 605

An error is shown if an entered date is not valid (1900 was not a leap year).

  • {{age in weeks|31 January 1899|29 February 1900}}Error: Second date should be year, month, day