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[edit] Template documentation

This template is used to tag pages for speedy deletion under the speedy deletion criteria, specifically [[Wikipedia:Criteria for speedy deletion#{{{1}}}|CSD {{{1}}}]]. There is a separate template for each criterion – see the table to the right.

This template places the page in the category Candidates for speedy deletion.

Please note that this template is not the correct process for requesting a speedy-rename. Use {{cfr-speedy}} for that purpose; this template will be used in the process of completing a request posted through that procedure.

Usage[baguhin ang wikitext]

The template should be placed at the top of the page to be deleted.

Parameters[baguhin ang wikitext]


This is the most basic form of the template.


Bot accounts will specify the |bot= parameter to notify the reviewing admin that the page was tagged by an automated process.

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