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For lists that only want to list titles and air dates, etc, and do not want to include summaries can remove |ShortSummary=, which will remove the colored line separator and any cell coloring.

Parameters[baguhin ang batayan]

Episode list parameters (and basic guidelines)
A number representing the episode's order in the series. For example, the first episode would be 1 or 01, and so on. When defined, this parameter also creates a link anchor, prefixed by "ep"; for example, "[[List of episodes#ep01]]".
A second episode number column. Useful for when a series aired in a different order, or only included certain episodes, etc.
Title The title of the episode. The title will appear bold and in "quotes" when rendered, so it is not necessary to place them in quotes before hand. Only link to an episode article if it's already been created.
An alternative title, such as the title of a foreign show's episode in its native language, or a title that was originally changed. It will be listed below Title and be presented in "quotes".
Unformatted parameter that can be used to add a reference after Title, or can be used as a "raw title" to replace Title completely.
Aux1(optional) Optional parameter. The meaning is specified by the table header.
DirectedBy(optional) Who directed the episode.
WrittenBy(optional) Primary writer(s) of the episode.
Optional parameters. The meaning is specified by the table header.
This is the date the episode first aired on TV.
The next notable air date, such as the first air date of an anime in English.
The production code in the series. When defined, this parameter also creates a link anchor, prefixed by "pc"; for example, "[[List of episodes#pc01]]".
Aux4(optional) Optional parameter. The meaning is specified by the table header.
A short summary of the episode. Make summaries specific to that episode (as in, a description that would normally not be confused with another episode).
Hex codes for the separator line between episode entries. Use code without the #. #00ff00 would be entered as 00ff00. When none is defined the color defaults to "#CCCCFF".
Colors the main row of information (that is, not the ShortSummary row). When not defined, if ShortSummary is defined, this defaults to #F2F2F2; otherwise, it defaults to the table default.

This is where information from the template is placed when rendered ({{{LineColor}}} not shown, since there's no text to display, just a color):

Padron:Television Episode

Using the template[baguhin ang batayan]

When using optional parameters (such as Aux1, AltDate, etc) only list the parameters that are being used, and adjust the table headers accordingly. This will help avoid confusion when one entry has a parameter filled out and another does not. A table cell will be open for a listed parameter, whether it is filled out or not.

To apply an entry to an episode listing add the following where the episode would go in the List of episodes.

{{Episode list

Because this is only part of a WikiTable, you first need to open the WikiTable. You need to edit this example according to the optional parameters that you want to show in your table. For example to create a list with only EpisodeNumber, Title, OriginalAirDate, ProdCode, and ShortSummary parameters:

{| class="wikitable" style="width:100%; margin:auto; background:#FFFFFF;"
! width="20"|# !! Title !! width="120"|Original air date !! width="120"|Production code

The Television episode template(s) would the follow here

{{Episode list
 |Title=Cartman Gets Probed
 |OriginalAirDate=[[August 13]], [[1997]]
 |ShortSummary=Space aliens implant a transmitter in [[Eric Cartman|Cartman]] and abduct [[Kyle Broflovski|Kyle]]'s brother.

After the final episode entry/template you will need to close the WikiTable with:


Example[baguhin ang batayan]

This entry:

{{Episode list
 |Title=Cartman Gets Probed
 |OriginalAirDate=[[August 13]], [[1997]]
 |ShortSummary=Space aliens implant a transmitter in [[Eric Cartman|Cartman]] and abduct [[Kyle Broflovski|Kyle]]'s brother.

Would appear as follows (shown without table headers):

# Title Original airdate Production code
01 "Cartman Gets Probed"  August 13, 1997 101
Space aliens implant a transmitter in Cartman and abduct Kyle's brother. 

Tips[baguhin ang batayan]

It may be helpful to include a hidden message that will appear when someone edits the article. Placed above the table headers and under the article section, such as:

<!-- For help with this template see -->

This message won't be visible when normally viewing the article. A message such as this notes where one can get help for the template.

Episode list templates[baguhin ang batayan]

Show-specific hacks and other sub-pages[baguhin ang batayan]

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