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This template is intended to be used for comic book superheroes only. Please see the Wiki Animation Project for the correct templates for animated superheroes.

For discussions on this template, its correct usage, and when seeking consensus over changes/proposed changes, please see WP:CMC#Use of the SHB

SHB instructions[baguhin ang batayan]

{{Superherobox}} is currently being revamped. These instructions may be slightly out of date.

The superherobox should use {{Superherobox}} as shown below. Copy and paste the following text at the beginning of the character's article:

{{Superherobox <!--Wikipedia:WikiProject Comics-->
| image = 
| caption = 
| character_name = 
| publisher = 
| debut = 
| creators = 
| alter_ego = *
| full_name =
| species = <!-- optional -->
| homeworld = <!-- optional -->
| alliances = <!-- optional -->
| partners = <!-- optional -->
| aliases = <!-- optional -->
| supports=<!--optional-->
| powers = 

*- Previously titled "real_name"

  • Parameter notes:
    • Do not delete a parameter - leave the field blank if there is nothing to enter.
    • For multiple powers or creators, separate each with <br />. For example: creators=Stan Lee<br />Jack Kirby
    • The image should be at most 250px wide and must not be thumbnailed. For example: [[Image:abc.jpg|250px]]
      • If you find the image to be too tall, reduce the size below 250px.
    • The caption will appear below the image. Keep it short, but indicate the comic book and issue # if it is from a comic book, in the form Wolverine #17 (typed as ''Wolverine'' #17))
    • For the debut field, provide the first appearance of the character. Example: Incredible Hulk #181.
    • Affiliations include any current or previous team affiliations. Please stick to notable affiliations.
    • Partners include any current or previous partners. Please stick to notable partnerships. Also, please avoid "employee/employer" relationships.
    • Alter ego and Full name are mutually exclusive; the former is for articles where the character has a superhero name, the latter is for characters that go by a shortened version of their given name or a nickname.
    • Aliases include any significant alternate names. It should not include nicknames, epithets, or short-lived names.
    • Powers include significant current and previous powers, and other notable abilities. This should be a short list, without description. Keep longer prose for the article text.

SHB example[baguhin ang batayan]

{{Superherobox <!--Wikipedia:WikiProject Comics-->
| image = [[Image:WM2006 0060.jpg| 250px]]
| caption = The Invisible Woman.<br/>Art by [[Steve McNiven]]
| character_name = Invisible Woman
| publisher = [[Marvel Comics]]
| debut = ''[[Fantastic Four]]'' #1 (November 1961)
| creators = [[Stan Lee]] (writer)<br/>[[Jack Kirby]] (artist)
| alter ego = Susan Storm Richards
| species = <!-- optional -->
| homeworld = <!-- optional -->
| Base of operations = <!-- optional -->
| alliances = [[Fantastic Four]]<br/>[[Avengers (comics)| Avengers]]
| partners = <!-- optional -->
| aliases = Malice, Invisible Girl
| supports= <!--optional-->
| powers = [[Invisibility]],<br />[[Force field (science fiction)| force-field]] generation.
Invisible Woman
Wikipe-tan says, "You can't use fair-use images outside of articlespace!"
The Invisible Woman.
Art by Steve McNiven
Tagapaglathala Marvel Comics
Unang labas Fantastic Four #1 (November 1961)
Nilikha ni Stan Lee (writer)
Jack Kirby (artist)
Mga katangian
Ibang katauhanSusan Storm Richards
Fantastic Four
Kilalang alyasMalice, Invisible Girl
force-field generation.

Line(s) have been broken for readability.

Article text goes here. Herobox floats attractively at the right.