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Usage[baguhin ang batayan]

Places article in Category:Articles to be expanded or in a dated category like Category:Articles to be expanded since Agosto 2019 if date parameter ("date=") specified. Also places article in Category:All articles to be expanded. First argument, if supplied, explains the expansion requested.

Examples[baguhin ang batayan]



Complex example:

{{expand-section|examples and additional citations|date=September 2007}}

Redirects[baguhin ang batayan]

  1. {{Expandsect}}
  2. {{Section expansion request}}
  3. {{Expandsection}}
  4. {{Section-expand}}
  5. {{Expand-sect}}
  6. {{Expandsectionsmall}}
  7. {{Expand section}}
  8. {{Sectexpand}}
  9. {{Sect-expand}}

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