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These articles (mostly under Category:Cleanup by month) are in need of general cleanup. Please see Wikipedia:Cleanup or the articles' talk pages for reasons why. If you're not sure why the tag is there, you can ask on the talk page, ask the person who added the tag, ask for a third opinion, or ask for an expert opinion on WP:RFC or a WikiProject. If you're sure the article has been cleaned up, addressing any obvious flaws as well as any specific problems mentioned on the talk page, feel free to remove the tag. There's not much harm in leaving it on if you aren't certain what to do; the tag will alert someone else to come by later and check up on the article.

Articles placed in this category will be automatically re-filed by a bot to the appropriate cleanup by month subcategory. This happens most days, so the articles you see below were probably tagged for cleanup within the past 24 hours.

"Cleanup" is a generic label and is a subset of "maintenance". It encompasses all remedial work that needs to be done, whereas other maintenance lists may contain suggestions for improvement to intact articles.

Please ignore the Wikipedia: listings. These appear here for technical reasons. They do not need to be cleaned up, and the tags should not be removed.

Use the {{cleanup}} tag to put articles in this category. Please do not subst the cleanup tag. The bot that sorts cleanup into by-month categories is currently unable to handle subst'ed cleanup tags. Additionally other processes are likely to break the subst'ed tags. This category is a self-reference.

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