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This image was uploaded under a fair use rationale, but may fail Wikipedia's first non-free content criterion in that it illustrates a subject for which a free image might reasonably be found or created that adequately provides the same information. If you believe that a free replacement image can not be reasonably found or created please add one of the following:

{{Replaceable fair use disputed | Your reason why a free replacement is not available}}


{{Replaceable fair use disputed}}

to this page and give the reasons for your dispute on the talk page.

Possible reasons include that the building is inaccessible to the public (such as a military base), that the building is located in a country where photographs of buildings are considered derivative of the building's copyright, or that the photo is being used to provide information about a particular point in the building's history.

If this image is determined to be replaceable within 48 hours of (17 Pebrero 2020) (19 Pebrero), the image may be deleted by any administrator. Questions about this message can be asked at w:Wikipedia:Media copyright questions. Do not remove this tag.