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The Template:Convert/x (for ranges using "x") is invoked as the first template below {Convert}, for converting ranges such as {Convert|2|x|4|ft|m}. It immediately invokes Convert/{4}, for the input unit {4}, passing the range of input numbers as "{1}|x|{3}". Having obtained all 8 parameters, {1}|x|{3}...{8}, it sets the precision "s" from either parameter {5}, {6} or {8} (depending on whichever is the numeric round-number); otherwise, the precision is set as: s=(0.5)+(0{{{s}}}). It passes {d} down as Dual/{d} to invoke subtemplate Convert/Dual/{d} which displays the dual-range (rather than a typical single amount). For any customization, such as disp=x, the parameters {6} and {7} are passed as {5} and {6} (or null if none).