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Mayo 29

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{{day+1}} adds one to a date or date-specific pagename

Usage[baguhin ang batayan]

{{Day+1}} - returns tomorrow's date

{{Day+1|date}} - returns the day after the 'date' passed

{{Day+1|date|pagename|year|spacingchar}} - returns the name of the page one day after the 'datepage' passed in

Code Result
{{Day+1}} Mayo 29
{{Day+1|February 28}} Marso 1
{{Day+1|February 28|Wikipedia:Today's featured article/|2004}} Wikipedia:Today's featured article/Marso 1, 2004
{{day+1|{{day+1}}}} May mali: hindi tamang oras
{{day+1|{{Currentmonthday}}|Wikipedia:Today's featured article/|{{CURRENTYEAR}}}} Wikipedia:Today's featured article/May mali: hindi tamang oras, 2022
''[{{day+1|4=_}},_{{CURRENTYEAR}}&action=edit Edit]'' Edit

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