Mula sa Wikipedia, ang malayang ensiklopedya
This image may meet Wikipedia's criteria for speedy deletion because it is an image licensed as "for non-commercial use only" or "used with permission" which was either uploaded on or after 2005-05-19 or is not used in any articles, and which lacks a fair use assertion (CSD I3).

If you agree with the deletion, there is no need to do anything.

If you consider that this image may be retained on Wikipedia under one of the permitted conditions then:

  • state clearly the source of the image. If it has been copied from elsewhere on the web you should provide links to: the image itself, the page which uses it and the page which contains the licence conditions.
  • add the relevant copyright tag.
  • then, and only then, you may remove this speedy deletion tag.

Do not not remove this notice until this description gives the source and has a valid licence tag.

Administrators, remember to check what links here, the page history (last edit), the page log, and any revisions of CSD before deletion.

Please consider placing {{subst:Idw-noncom|Padron:Db-noncom}} on the User Talk page of the uploader.

This template places the page in Category:Kandidato para sa mabilisang pagbura.