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Usage[baguhin ang batayan]

{{Template:Infobox Musical artist/doc/type}}
{{Template:Infobox Musical artist/doc/type|color=Color}}
{{Template:Infobox Musical artist/doc/type|description=Description}}

Example[baguhin ang batayan]

CodeColor Display
Background information
Background information
Background information
Background information
Background information
Background information
Background information

All singular vocal performers (including lead and background singers, singer-songwriters, and singer-instrumentalists) should use solo_singer. This categorization is for any article about a singer, whether they perform solo, with a group or band, or both. All non-vocal instrumentalists should use non_vocal_instrumentalist. All non-classical composers, producers, songwriters, arrangers, DJs, engineers, and other non-performing personnel should use non_performing_personnel. All groups, bands, crews, or other non-classical music ensembles should use group_or_band. This categorization is for articles on group acts only; members of groups should be labeled with one of the codes above. All cover and tribute bands should use cover_band. All orchestras and other classical music ensembles should use classical_ensemble. All temporary collaborative projects should use temporary.