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Padron:Infobox mythical creature

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Pangalan: {{{Creature_Name}}}
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Copy the code shown below, and paste it into the article you would like the above Infobox to appear in.

{{Infobox Paranormalcreatures
|Creature_Name  = (Creature_Name)
|Image_Name     = (Image_Name)
|Image_Caption  = (Image_Caption)
|Grouping       = (Grouping)
|Sub_Grouping   = (Sub_Grouping)
|AKA            = (AKA)
|Similar_creatures = (Similar_creatures)
|Mythology      = (Mythology)
|Country        = (Country)
|Region         = (Region)
|Habitat        = (Habitat)
|First_Reported = (First_Reported)
|Last_Sighted   = (Last_Sighted)
|Status         = (Status)