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Isa itong subpahina ng dokumentasyon para sa Padron:Infobox road small (tingnan ang pahinang iyon para sa mismong padron).
Naglalaman ito ng impormasyon hinggil sa paggamit, mga kategorya at iba pang nilalaman na hindi bahagi ng orihinal na padron pahina.

Ang Infobox road small ay isang pinasiksik na bersiyon ng {{infobox road}} na nilayong gagamitin kung ang buong kahong-impormasyon (infobox) ay magiging mahirap o kalabisan, tulad ng isang sub-seksiyon ng isang artikulo.

Paggamit[baguhin ang batayan]

Tinatanggap ng infobox ang apat na mga rekomendadong parameter at ilang mga opsiyonal na parameter:

  • Isa sa mga sumusunod
    • country: country that the route is in
    • province: province that the route is in (for Canadian provinces only)
    • state: state that the route is in (for U.S. and Mexican states only)
  • type: type of the route
  • route: the number of the route
    • Para lamang sa Australya (iyan ay |country=AUS), ang tekstong ipinasok rito ay ipapakita sa ibabang seksiyon ng kahong-impormasyon, minarka bilang "Route number:"
  • location: location of the route, either a single location or the locations of the route's termini separated by an en dash. Pages with transclusions that do not specify a location are added to Category:Infobox road small transclusions without location.
  • name: overrides the highway name displayed by default; use only if necessary
  • shield: overrides the shield displayed by default; use only if necessary. Use "shield=none" if the route does not have a shield.
  • county: county that the route is in (necessary only for county routes)
  • subtype: the type of special route that the route is (necessary only for special routes)
    • Requires type to be set
  • length_mi: length of the route (use only if length is in miles)
  • length_km: length of the route (use only if length is in kilometers)
  • length_ref: reference for the length
  • length_round: the decimal precision of the length
  • formed: year that the designation was assigned (Alternate parameter: established)
    • historic: set as yes for historic routes never formally decommissioned
  • deleted: year that the designation was removed (Alternate parameter: decommissioned)
  • yr_ref: unified reference for formed/deleted years that displays at the end of the line. You can optionally add individual refs in the "formed" and "deleted" fields.
  • history: for concise notes when the history is more complicated than simple beginning and ending dates
  • header_type: the infobox will use the color coding set up in {{infobox road}} for a country/state/province for each type of roadway. For other cases, the infobox has a small set of alternate header shades for specific sets of articles. They are:
    • under construction: for roads where construction has begun on the highway and no sections have been opened to traffic. Do not use for roads that are open to traffic in some capacity. (Alternate values: const, uc)
    • historic: for roads of a historic nature, such as auto trails or highways posted with brown, historical or scenic signage. (Alternate values: historical, hist, scenic)
    • former: for highway designations no longer maintained by the corresponding government authority. (Alternate value: decommissioned)
    • freeway: Canada only. For roads that are freeways for their entire length.
    • minor: UK only. For A roads signed with black-on-white markers.
  • tourist: a list of the tourist routes that follow the route; currently only set up for use in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the US.

Blangkong palaugnayan[baguhin ang batayan]

{{Infobox road small

Mga halimbawa[baguhin ang batayan]

Interstate 5 Business
KinaroroonanNational City, California
Umiral noong1960s–1990s
{{Infobox road small
|location=[[National City, California]]

U.S. Route 1-9
KinaroroonanJersey City, New Jersey
Haba4.11 mi[1] (6.61 km)
{{infobox road small
|location=[[Jersey City, New Jersey]]
|length_ref=<ref name=SLD2>{{cite web|url=|title=U.S. Route 1-9 Truck straight line diagram|publisher=New Jersey Department of Transportation|accessdate=2007-04-12}}</ref>

Great Eastern Highway
(Wheatbelt region)
Haba376.59 km[2] (234.00 mi)
Route numberPadron:AUshield National Highway 94
{{Infobox road small
|name=Great Eastern Highway<br /><small>(Wheatbelt region)</small>
|location=[[Wundowie, Western Australia|Wundowie]]–[[Boorabbin, Western Australia|Boorabbin]]
|length_ref=<ref name="ISA">{{cite web|title=Wheatbelt Network
 |work=Intergrated Service Arrangement|publisher=Main Roads Western Australia|accessdate=20 December 2013|date=28 February 2011
 |archiveurl=|archivedate=3 August 2013|url-status=live}}</ref>
|route={{AUshield|N|94|size=x18px}} [[List of road routes in Western Australia#94|National Highway 94]]

Tingnan din[baguhin ang batayan]

  • {{infobox road}}, isang buong-gamit na kahong-impormasyon na inirerekomendang gagamitin bilang pangunahing infobox ng isang artikulo.

Talasanggunian (mula sa mga halimbawa)[baguhin ang batayan]

  1. "U.S. Route 1-9 Truck straight line diagram" (PDF). New Jersey Department of Transportation. Hinango noong 2007-04-12.
  2. "Wheatbelt Network" (PDF). Intergrated Service Arrangement. Main Roads Western Australia. 28 February 2011. Sininop mula sa orihinal noong 3 August 2013. Hinango noong 20 December 2013.