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Links text, word by word. The link target defaults to Wiktionary.

If you don't want to link to Wiktionary entries, set pref equal to some other value, such as your favorite interlanguage prefix or "c" for Commons.

Use the arguments n1, n2, n3, etc. to specify items that should not be linked. Regular spaces will be removed from the beginning and end of these; if you must have spaces, use   instead.

If you want to have a delimiter, such as ", ", appear between links, specify the delimiter with lim.

If desired, you can specify the language code with lang.


{{Linktext|This| is| a| test}}
This is a test
{{Linktext|This| is|n2= not| a| test}}
This is not a test

Tingnan din[baguhin ang batayan]

Kahalintulad na mga suleras[baguhin ang batayan]

Kaugnay na mga suleras[baguhin ang batayan]

Kabatiran sa paggamit[baguhin ang batayan]