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Padron:NBA color

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Usage[baguhin ang wikitext]

{{NBA color|team name|number}}

{{NBA color cell|team name}} returns a style that uses the primary color for the background and the secondary color for the font.

{{NBA color cell2|team name}} returns a similar style but uses the tertiary and quaternary colors instead of the primary and secondary, respectively.

Examples[baguhin ang wikitext]

<span style="color: #{{NBA color|Toronto Raptors|1}};">Lorem ipsum</span>

Lorem ipsum

<span style="{{NBA color cell|Toronto Raptors}}">Lorem ipsum</span>

Lorem ipsum

<span style="{{NBA color cell2|Toronto Raptors}}">Lorem ipsum</span>

Lorem ipsum

Table of colors[baguhin ang wikitext]

Atlanta Hawks 5.8812.15
Boston Celtics 4.847.66
Brooklyn Nets 2121
Charlotte Hornets 5.1716.14
Chicago Bulls 5.5521
Cleveland Cavaliers 10.3912.12
Dallas Mavericks 6.0711.86
Denver Nuggets 15.8910.01
Detroit Pistons 9.555.88
Golden State Warriors 9.555.52
Houston Rockets 5.5521
Indiana Pacers 13.537.94
Los Angeles Clippers 5.889.55
Los Angeles Lakers 10.6112.15
Memphis Grizzlies 4.5417.21
Miami Heat 218.84
Milwaukee Bucks 10.958.46
Minnesota Timberwolves 15.796.91
New Orleans Pelicans 15.964.5
New York Knicks 5.568.21
Oklahoma City Thunder 4.613.95
Orlando Magic 4.7721
Philadelphia 76ers 5.564.35
Phoenix Suns 16.146.03
Portland Trail Blazers 214.84
Sacramento Kings 9.874.98
San Antonio Spurs 2113.13
Toronto Raptors 5.5521
Utah Jazz 146.71
Washington Wizards 144.72
Agua Caliente Clippers 5.889.55
Austin Spurs 2113.13
Canton Charge 10.3912.12
Capital City Go-Go 144.72
College Park Skyhawks 12.155.88
Delaware Blue Coats 5.564.35
Erie BayHawks 6.047.51
Fort Wayne Mad Ants 13.537.94
Grand Rapids Drive 5.889.55
Greensboro Swarm 5.1716.14
Iowa Wolves 15.796.91
Lakeland Magic 214.77
Long Island Nets 5.564.35
Maine Red Claws 4.355.55
Memphis Hustle 4.684.83
Northern Arizona Suns 16.146.03
Oklahoma City Blue 4.613.95
Raptors 905 5.5521
Rio Grande Valley Vipers 5.5511.51
Salt Lake City Stars 1410.07
Santa Cruz Warriors 9.5512.15
Sioux Falls Skyforce 8.8421
South Bay Lakers 10.611.62
Stockton Kings 219.87
Texas Legends 6.078.1
Westchester Knicks 5.568.21
Windy City Bulls 5.5521
Wisconsin Herd 10.958.46
Western Conference 5.885.88
Eastern Conference 9.559.55
United States National Basketball Team XX15.31
default XX15.31
The numeric columns are the calculated contrast ratio for the first/second and the fourth/third colors. Anything lower than 3 is very poor contrast and should be changed in the data module. For more information, see Template:Color contrast ratio.