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Star Wars character

Position Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
Species Unknown
Gender Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Portrayed by Not applicable

Star Wars character-box template

Usage[baguhin ang batayan]

{{Star Wars character
  |name        = Firstname Lastname
  |image       = [[Image:IMAGENAME|200px]] *
  |caption     = IMAGE CAPTION *
  |color       = AFFILIATION-COLOR ***
  |source      = SOURCE *
  |position    = POSITION
  |species     = SPECIES
  |gender      = GENDER
  |planet      = HOMEPLANET
  |affiliation = FACTION AFFILITION
  |portrayer   = PORTRAYER'S NAME

* indicates optional; all others should be filled if possible.

** indicates this parameter is not currently in use, but may be in future versions of the character box, so it is best to include.

*** the color parameter has the following possible values:

color= color
Jedi blue
Sith red
Republic navy blue
CIS black
Rebels dark goldenrod
Empire dark grey
New Republic green
Galactic Alliance pastel green
Confederation/Corellian yellow
Mandalorians silver-blue
Wookiees brown
Yuuzhan Vong tan
Independent silver

Giving no colour value results in a very light grey.