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The template documentation below is transcluded from Padron:Trivia/doc [edit]

Documentation[baguhin ang batayan]

Placement[baguhin ang batayan]

This template should be placed at the top of the relevant section.

Usage[baguhin ang batayan]

To help with the categorisation of articles, you may use the optional date parameter, e.g. {{Trivia|date=Agosto 2020}}. Articles tagged with this template without the parameter will given the parameter by a bot.

The simplest way to add this template to an article is to copy and paste {{Trivia|date=Agosto 2020}}. If you are tagging the entire article, add the parameter 'place=top' to the template: {{Trivia|place=top|date=Agosto 2020}}

Other templates[baguhin ang batayan]

Please keep in step.

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