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Serapis's head wearing a modius (Roman period Hellenistic terracotta, Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst, Munich)

Serapis (Σέραπις, Attic/Greek Ionian) o Sarapis (Σάραπις, Greek Doriano) Is a Greek - Egyptian god.Serapis is made during the 3rd century BCE on King Ptolemy I of Egypt for the plan of uniting the Greek and the Egyptians in his subject. The god is made Greek in the looks but has decorations by Egyptian and joined by icons from many great cults that shows prosperity and resurrection or going back from the dead. His cultus spreaded out as the policy of the Ptolemaic kings that built the great known Serapeum in Alexandria. Serapis has continued to intensify during the Roman era which often replaced Osiris as Isis's consortium in non-Egyptian temples. The destruction of the Serapeum of the turbulent people led by Patriarch Papa Theopilius of Alexandria in 389 CE was one of the important events in the fall of ancient paganism. The cult ceased to exist in the dissolution of paganism in 391 CE. Serapis has a staff with three heads namely: a dog, lion and the wolf. The wolf represents the past, the lion is the present, and the dog is the future.