Symon Soler

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John Symon Soler Rounsaville Calimbahin (born December 18, 1979) is a Filipino singer and actor. He is former lead vocalist of the Filipino vocal group Jeremiah. Symon is the youngest among the four. He joined the group in 1999, but entered the 'biz when he was 6. This affectionate and loyal friend treats his PC as a baby. He enjoys swimming, eating and...SLEEPING. By joining Jeremiah, he was able to further explore his talent in singing. Concert tours followed including the 2002 US Concert Tour and 2003 Japan and US Concert Tours. When the group went back to Manila, Symon pursued a solo career and was replaced by Mico Mauleon. Jeremiah disbanded in 2005, when lead singer Olan Crizaldo decided to leave for abroad. He is a member of an airline's ground crew in Chicago. Symon on the other hand, made a movie Sanggano't Sanggago and joined the TV series "Daisy Siete". After several years, he moved to Los Angeles in 2007. He worked there as a marketing and business development executive.