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Usapan:Benetice (Světlá nad Sázavou)

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Mula sa Wikipedia, ang malayang ensiklopedya

Could be anybody so kind and correct this article after the Enghish or French version? I am a beginner in Tagalog. Thank you. 2007-12-22

i'm a speaker of this language, and the content of this article doesn't make any sense. --RebSkii 15:16, 22 Disyembre 2007 (UTC)[sumagot]
So, can you translate the English or French version to Tagalog?

—Ang komentong ito ay idinagdag ni (usapankontribusyon) noong {{{2}}}.

even if i do that, it still, will not make sense, i know it is a place, but what's the encyclopedic value about this place? --RebSkii 16:48, 22 Disyembre 2007 (UTC)[sumagot]
At the English, French, Norwegian, Latin, Slovak and of course Czech wikipedia it is accepted. Standa Vrána 2007-12-22 (