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I'm a mathematician. I disagree with the use of "layo" for "distance". If it were to be translated into Tagalog/Filipino, the correct word should be "distansya". Why? Because the word "layo" in Tagalog connotes the separation between two places, e.g., "Gaano kalayo ang Antipolo sa Maynila?" This is more similar to displacement than to distance. The word "layo" also has a large sphere of meaning that is not good for a field (pun unintended) like Mathematics. On the other hand, the word "distansya" is a technical term and does not have any everyday connotations, and so is safe to use as an exact equivalent for "distance". We can use "layo" as an informal nontechnical term especially to translate the variations of the English "far", and use "distansya" for a well-defined technical term.