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Ang rehiyon 1 ay ang Rehiyon ng Ilocos ito ay matatagpuan sa hilagang kanluran ng luzon o hilang-kanluran luzon ito ay mai 4 n lalawigan -Ilocos Norte -Ilocos Sur -LaUnion -Pangsinan Ang mga tao sa Ilocos ay tinatawag na mga Ilocano... —Ang komentong ito ay idinagdag ni (usapankontribusyon) noong 10:40, 29 Abril 2007.

"Ilocos" is an ethnocentric term predominantly used and promoted by the Ilocanos. There are other ethno-linguistic groups in the region such as the Pangasinan and the Bolinao. The ethno-neutral term would be "Northwestern Luzon Region". —Ang komentong ito ay idinagdag ni (usapankontribusyon) noong 02:50, 23 Pebrero 2006.

Even if the term is ethnocentric, it is, nevertheles, the official name of the region and thus followed by this article. --bluemask 03:52, 30 Abril 2007 (UTC)

Even if it is used by the government, I do not know of any law passed by Congress that Region 1 should be known as Ilocos region. Even if there is such a law, the law should not justify prejudice against a group. The naming of Region 1 as Ilocos region has caused misinformation such as: the people of Region 1 are Ilocanos as written in the first message.

The government may be using "Ilocos Region" to refer to region 1, but as I understand this is a term being used in English. The Tagalogs through the sysops of wikipedia could translate this ethno-centric term into a more ethno-neutral term. It is their opportunity to correct a misconception through the use of Tagalog language.