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Alam Ba Ninyo Ang isang lahok mula sa lathalaing Lumba-lumba ay nailathala sa Unang Pahina ng Wikipedia sa hanay ng Alam ba ninyo? noong Oktubre 14, 2007.

Interesting name[baguhin ang batayan]

What an interesting name for the dolphins in Tagalog! It is the same, including the reduplication, as in Malay/Indonesian and some other Austronesian languages such as Javanese. Meursault2004 06:28, 29 Agosto 2010 (UTC)

Unlike Malay and Indonesian, Tagalog uses reduplication largely for emphasis, and less so for expressing plurals (mga is used for plurals, though there are exceptions depending on how the plural is used in a sentence). I'm not sure though in this case: there are other names for animals which use reduplication (like hasa-hasa). --Sky Harbor (usapan) 13:31, 29 Agosto 2010 (UTC)

So it is possible that lumba-lumba might be a loan rather than a native Tagalog word. Probably the name of this animal is reduplicated because they swim in a group. But I am not sure. Meursault2004 16:00, 31 Agosto 2010 (UTC)