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Proposal for GoogleTrans gadget[baguhin ang batayan]

Hi there,

Sorry about the English.

I have made a GoogleTrans gadget which has been on the enwiki for around a year now. It is also on 6 other wikipedias including the Indonesian and the Malay.

It functions like the Google toolbar translation feature. When you position the cursor over a word in a webpage and hit the SHIFT key, the Google translation of that word (or of selected text < 500 characters) appears in a popup below the cursor.

The help page for the gadget is at:

(This has instructions on how to port over to other wikis).

and the code for it is at:

It really works well for people who have intermediate Tagalog as they can easily look up a word they don't know (every 2 or 3 sentences). This is how I use the tool to read French and Spanish webpages. However, the person who knows no Tagalog (like me) can simply select a sentence or two and have it translated as well. In each popup there is a link to Google Translation Services. If you click on this link then the whole page is translated.

Good luck with your tlwiki

Edit request[baguhin ang batayan]

{{editprotected}} Please add resourceloader to definitions below (see other gadgets that needs attention at Natatangi:Mga gadyet and more info at phab:T107399)

* wikEd[ResourceLoader]|wikEd.js

* Navigation_popups[ResourceLoader|dependencies=mediawiki.user,mediawiki.util]|popups.js|navpop.css

and probably better to load Navigation popups directly from en:MediaWiki:Gadget-popups.js and en:MediaWiki:Gadget-navpop.css to get the most current working revision instead of local copies. Thanks. --Lam-ang (makipag-usap) 05:40, 7 Agosto 2015 (UTC)

Yes check.svgY Tapos na. --bluemask (makipag-usap) 07:35, 19 Agosto 2015 (UTC)