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The templates are used to create a list of team rosters of the professional basketball teams:


[baguhin ang wikitext]
Place this at the start of each roster.

Apply this template ONLY to each and every roster member.

  • pos = Basketball position. Use either C, G, F, PG, SG, and SF
  • pos2 = Use this for secondary position of the player (i.e. if a player is a combo guard, use "PG" for "pos" and "SG" for "pos2"; you can also simply use "G" in "pos" without using "pos2".
  • no = Jersey number.
  • country = Country of the player. You can use any convention (IOC, ISO, full name).
  • name = Name of the player.
  • note = Notes such as team captain, injured, rookie, etc.
  • school = College or school of the player.
Add this if you'd want to have 2 columns.
  • headcoach = Name of the head coach.
  • country = Country of the head coach. You can use any convention (IOC, ISO, full name).
  • assistants = Assistant coach/es. You can prefix {{flagicon}} before each name. (Optional)
  • legend = The letters or symbols used in the roster list, such as (C) for captain, for injured players, etc.
  • otherlabel = Add this for other staff members such as govenor, general manager, etc. This will display the position of the person/s.
  • others = The name/s of the person/s holding the position stated at "otherlabel".
  • teamname = Name of the team. If left blank, it'll display the article name.
  • Add this at the end of each roster.