40 More Reasons to Hate Us

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40 More Reasons To Hate Us ay ang pangalan ng album ng Anal Cunt na naipalabas noong Marso 26, 1996.

Mga Nilalaman[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

  1. "Face It, You're a Metal Band"
  2. "Punching Joe Bonni's Face In"
  3. "Kill Women"
  4. "Steroids Guy"
  5. "Everyone in Allston Should Be Killed"
  6. "I Noticed That You're Gay"
  7. "Dead, Gay, and Dropped"
  8. "You Looked Divorced"
  9. "I Hope You Get Deported"
  10. "Mike Mahan Has Gingivitis"
  11. "Trapped"
  12. "You're a Fucking Cunt"
  13. "Phyllis Is an Old Annoying Cunt"
  14. "Al Stankus Is Always on the Phone With His Bookie"
  15. "Bill Scott's Dumb"
  16. "Harvey Korman Is Gay"
  17. "You Fucking Freak"
  18. "Theme from Three's Company"
  19. "Jeanine Jizm Is a Freak"
  20. "Everyone in Anal Cunt Is Dumb"
  21. "I Just Saw the Gayest Guy on Earth"
  22. "Johnny Violent Getting His Ass Kicked by Morrisey"
  23. "Metamorphosis"
  24. "I'm Sick of You"
  25. "Howard Wulkan's Bald"
  26. "You're a Trendy Fucking Pussy"
  27. "Tom Arnold"
  28. "I Got Athletes Foot Showering at Mike's"
  29. "Big Pants, Bigger Loser"
  30. "Marc Payson Is a Drunk"
  31. "Your Family Is Dumb"
  32. "Furnace"
  33. "You're Dumb"
  34. "Van Full of Retards"
  35. "Deche Charge Are a Bunch of Fucking Losers"
  36. "Everyone in the Underground Music Scene Is Stupid"
  37. "Dumb Fat and Gross"
  38. "I'm Not Stubborn"
  39. "Mike Mahan's Sty"
  40. "02657"
  41. "Gloves of Metal"
  42. "Bonus Track"

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