Crowded House

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Crowded House
Five men are standing close together on a stage and smiling. First male at left is bearded and has right arm raised to shoulder height. Second male has arms around shoulders of his neighbours and is partly obscured by a microphone stand. Third male has left hand raised overhead. Fourth male has arms at side and is looking to his left. Fifth male has right arm over his neighbour and left arm overhead. Last two are partly obscured by a keyboard and its stand. Behind the five men is more band equipment and the background contains considerable English text.
Crowded House noong Agosto 2007 (L–R)
Liam Finn, Matt Sherrod, Mark Hart, Neil Finn, Nick Seymour
Kilala rin bilangThe Mullanes (1985)
PinagmulanMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
Taong aktibo1985 (1985)–1996, 2006 (2006)–2011, 2016 (2016), 2019 (2019)–kasalukuyan (kasalukuyan)
MiyembroNeil Finn
Nick Seymour
Mitchell Froom
Liam Finn
Elroy Finn
Dating miyembroCraig Hooper
Paul Hester
Tim Finn
Peter Jones
Mark Hart
Matt Sherrod

Ang Crowded House ay isang rock band, na nabuo sa Melbourne, Australia, noong 1985. Ang mga miyembro ng founding nito ay ang New Zealander na si Neil Finn (vocalist, gitarista, pangunahing songwriter) at ang mga Australiano na si Paul Hester (drum) at Nick Seymour (bass). Nang maglaon ay kasama ang mga kapatid ni Neil Finn na sina Tim Finn, at Amerikano na sina Mark Hart at Matt Sherrod.[1][2] Neil Finn at Seymour ay naging solong pare-pareho ang mga miyembro ng grupo mula noong nabuo ito.

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