Elizabeth Freeman (aktibista)

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Huwag itong ikalito kay Mum Bett na tinatawag ding Elizabeth Freeman.
Elizabeth Freeman
Miss E. Freeman.jpg
Kapanganakan12 Setyembre 1876
Kamatayan27 Pebrero 1942
PagkamamamayanEstados Unidos
Hanapbuhayfeminist, suffragette, suffragist

Si Elizabeth Freeman (1876-1942) ay isang Amerikanang aktibistang maka-panghalalan at karapatang sibil mula sa Estados Unidos.[1]

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  1. "Elizabeth Freeman". Hinango noong 2008-12-15. Elisabeth Freeman came to this country as a small child with her brother John and sister (Clara) Jane, and their mother, Mary Hall Freeman, who came estranged from her husband. Mary worked for St. Johnland, an orphanage on Long Island for a time, and the children lived at the orphanage for some time. Elisabeth was far from wealthy, did not go to college, and as a woman, her opportunities were limited. She was involved with the Salvation Army and regularly attended meetings which she found uplifting. Her chance encounter on a trip to England with the British suffragettes led to a career as a professional speaker and organizer.

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