Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow

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Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow
Гурбангулы́ Берды́мухамедов
Official visit of the President to Turkmenistan 12.jpg
Pangulo ng Turkmenistan
Nasa puwesto
21 Disyembre 2006 – 19 Marso 2022
Acting: 21 Disyembre 2006 – 14 Pebrero 2007
Nakaraang sinundanSaparmurat Niyazov
Sinundan niSerdar Berdimuhamedow
Pinuno ng Democratic Party
Nasa puwesto
21 Disyembre 2006 – 18 Agosto 2013
Acting: 21 Disyembre 2006 – 4 Agosto 2007
Nakaraang sinundanSaparmurat Niyazov
Sinundan niKasymguly Babaev
Deputadong Punong Ministro ng Turkmenistan
Nasa puwesto
1 Marso 2001 – 14 Pebrero 2007
PanguloSaparmurat Niyazov
Nakaraang sinundanYevgeny Zemskov
Sinundan niRaşit Meredow
Pansariling detalye
Ipinanganak (1957-06-29) 29 Hunyo 1957 (edad 65)
Babarab, Soviet Union
(Turkmenistan sa ngayon)
Partidong pampolitikaDemocratic Party (hanggang 2013)
Independent (2013–kasalukuyan)
Alma materTurkmen State Medical Institute

Si Gurbanguly Mälikgulyýewiç Berdimuhamedow[a][b][c][d] (ipinanganak noong 29 Hunyo 1957[13]) ay isang poltiko ng Turkmenistan. Siya ay naglingkod bilang Pangulo ng Turkmenistan simulà 2006 hanggang 19 Marso 2022. Si Berdimuhamedow, na isang dentista, ay naglingkod sa pamahalaan sa ilalim ni Pangulong Saparmurat Niyazov bilang Ministro ng Kalusugan mulà 1997 at Deputádong Punong Ministro mulà 2001. Siya any naging acting president nang mamatáy si Niyazov noong 21 Disyembre 2006. Siya ay nanálo sa sumunod na halalang pampanguluhan noong Pebrero 2007.[14] Malaki at naging lamang niya sa halalang iyon. Sa halalang pampanguluhan noong Pebrero 2012, siya ay muling nahalal at nakatamo ng 97% ng mga boto.[15]

Talababa[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

  1. Spelled with two m in Turkmen language (Berdimuhammedow) and in Russian language (Бердымухаммедов) until 25 June 2007 (see here an election sign dated February 2007 on the web site of Radio Free Europe). Since this date his last name is spelled with a single m in every official text or newspaper. This dispatch from tells about the Russian form of his name, but the same thing can been observed about its Tukmen form on every texts published on internet after this date, for example on the website of Turkmen Press agency.
  2. Evidently the names consist of a series of compounds.
    - The given name can be analysed as "gurban" 'sacrifice' (cf. Arab.-Pers. قربان ) and "guly" (from Pers. غلی [ghulī], an abbreviated form of Arab.-Pers. غلام [ghulām] 'servant').
    - The patronym consists of "mälik" (Arab.-Pers. ملک [malik] 'king, sovereign', Pers. غلی [ghulī], and finally, the Russian patronymic suffix -евич).
    - The surname contains three elements: "berdi" 'servant, slave' (from Pers. برده [bardah]), the name of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, and Russian -ов (the common Slavic suffix of origin/family).
  3. or Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov, Berdymukhammedov; Although Gurbanguly Mälikgulyýewiç Berdimuhamedow is the only Turkmen form, and Turkmen, written with Latin alphabet, is the only official language of Turkmenistan, western sources generally use the Russian form Гурбангулы or Курбанкулы Мяликгулыевич Бердымухам(м)едов, using various transcriptions.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11]
  4. The English version of the web site of the presidency uses a curious mixture of the Turkmen spelling with a transcribed ending: Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov[12]

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