Iapetus (buwan)

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Iapetus 706 1419 1.jpg
Photomosaic of Cassini images taken Dec. 31, 2004, showing the dark Cassini Regio and its border with the bright Roncevaux Terra, several large craters (Falsaron above center, Turgis, the largest, at right), and the equatorial ridge (the Toledo and Tortelosa Montes)
Natuklasan niG. D. Cassini
Natuklasan noongOctober 25, 1671
Ibang designasyonSaturn VIII
Pang-uriIapetian, Japetian
Orbital characteristics
Semi-major axis3560820 km
Orbital period79.3215 d
Average orbital speed3.26 km/s
  • 17.28° (to the ecliptic)
  • 15.47° (to Saturn's equator)
  • 8.13° (to Laplace plane)[2]
Satellite ofSaturn
Pisikal na katangian
Dimensiyon1,492.0 × 1,492.0 × 1,424 km [3]
Mean radius734.5±2.8 km[3]
Pang-ibabaw na sukat6700000 km2
Mass(1.805635±0.000375)×1021 kg[4]
Mean density1.088±0.013 g/cm³[3]
Surface gravity0.224 m/s2
Escape velocity0.573 km/s
Rotation period79.3215 d
Axial tiltzero
Temperature90–130 K
Apparent magnitude10.2–11.9[6]

Ang Iapetus ay isang buwan sa Saturn.

pinagmulan[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

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