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Genghis Khan: Pagkakaiba sa mga binago

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{{Infobox monarch
| name =Genghis Khan| title = Supreme [[Khan (title)|Khan]] of the [[Mongols]]
| image = YuanEmperorAlbumGenghisPortrait.jpg
| caption =
| reign = Spring 1206 – August 1227
| coronation = Spring 1206 in [[Kurultai|khurultai]] at the [[Onon River]], Mongolia
| othertitles = [[Khan (title)|Khan]], [[Khagan]]<br />[[Temple name]]: {{zh|t=元太祖|p=Yuán Tàizǔ|first=t}}<br />[[Posthumous name]]: Emperor Fatian Qiyun Shengwu<br />(法天啟運聖武皇帝)
| full name = [[File:Cinggis qagan.svg|right|26px]]Genghis Khan <br />[[Mongolian Cyrillic alphabet|Mongol]]: Чингис хаан <br>''Chinggis Khaan''<br>[[Mongol script]] (right): <br>''Chinggis Khagan''{{#tag:ref|{{zh|t=成吉思汗|p=Chéng Jí Sī Hán|first=t}}<br>
'''[[Birth name]]''': <br /> Temujin {{IPAc-en|t|ə|ˈ|m|uː|dʒ|ɪ|n}}; <br>{{lang-mn|Тэмүжин}} ''Temujin'' {{IPA-mn|tʰemutʃiŋ||Temujin.ogg}}; <br>{{lang-xng|''Temujin''}};<ref>{{cite journal |year=1959 |title= |journal=Central Asiatic Journal |volume=5 |pages=239 |publisher=O. Harrassowitz |url=http://books.google.com/books?id=PjjjAAAAMAAJ |accessdate=July 29, 2011 }}</ref> <br>{{zh|t=鐵木真|s=铁木真|p=Tiě mù zhēn|first=t}}|group="note"}}
| successor = [[Ögedei Khan]]
| consort = [[Börte|Börte Üjin]]<br />[[Khulan (wife of Chinggis Khaan)|Khulan]]<br />[[Yesugen]]<br />[[Yesui]]<br />others
| issue = [[Jochi]]<br />[[Chagatai Khan|Chagatai]]<br />[[Ögedei Khan|Ögedei]]<br />[[Tolui]]<br />Others
| royal house = [[Borjigin]]
| father = [[Yesügei]]
| mother = [[Oulen]]
| birth_date = probably 1162<ref name="birth">Rashid al-Din asserts that Genghis Khan was born in 1155, while the ''Yuanshi'' (元史, ''History of the [[Yuan dynasty]]'' records his year of birth as 1162. According to Ratchnevsky, accepting a birth in 1155 would render Genghis Khan a father at the age of 30 and would imply that he personally commanded the expedition against the Tanguts at the age of 72. Also, according to the ''[[Altan Tobci]]'', Genghis Khan's sister, Temülin, was nine years younger than he; but the Secret History relates that Temülin was an infant during the attack by the Merkits, during which Genghis Khan would have been 18, had he been born in 1155. Zhao Hong reports in his travelogue that the Mongols he questioned did not know and had never known their ages.</ref>
| birth_place = [[Khentii Mountains]], Mongolia
| death_date = August 1227<ref>{{cite book|first=Paul|last=Ratchnevsky|title=Genghis Khan: His Life and Legacy|publisher=[[Blackwell Publishing]]|year=1991|isbn= 0-631-16785-4|page=142|quote=It is possible, however, to say with certainty that Genghis Khan died in August 1227; only in specifying the actual day of his death do our sources disagree.}}</ref> (aged 65)
[[Talaksan:Genghis Khan.jpg|200px|thumb|Larawan ni Genghis|right]]
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