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Padron:Infobox seamount

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Usage[baguhin ang wikitext]

Lalim ng taluktok{{{depth}}}
Lawak ng taluktok{{{summit_area}}}
Salin{{{translation}}} (mula sa {{{language}}})
Mga koordinado{{{coordinates}}}
Bulkanikong arko/sunud-sunod{{{volcanic_group}}}
Edad ng bato{{{age}}}
Huling aktibidad{{{last_activity}}}
Huling pagsabog{{{last_eruption}}}
Petsa ng pagkatuklas{{{discovered}}}
Natuklasan ni{{{discovered_by}}}
Unang pagdalaw{{{first_visit}}}
{{Infobox seamount
| name           = 
| depth          = 
| height         = 
| map            = 
| pushpin_map    =
| map_caption    = 
| map_size       =
| image          = 
| image_alt      = 
| image_caption  = 
| image_size     = 
| summit_area    = 
| translation    = 
| language       = 
| pronunciation  = 
| location       = 
| group          = 
| coordinates    = 
| country        = 
| type           = 
| volcanic_group = 
| range          = 
| age            = 
| last_activity  = 
| last_eruption  = 
| discovered     = 
| discovered_by  = 
| first_visit    = 

Parameters[baguhin ang wikitext]

Field Description
name Name of the seamount. Most seamounts are named either Seamount or guyots, but some sources refer to them as volcanoes. For differences in definition, see Seamount#Geography.
depth Depth of the seamount (m or ft sea level).
height Height of the seamount.
map Bathymetrical mapping of the seamount. The NOAA and USGS have many free maps. The SBN site is a good place to link to projected bathymetries, however the images are not certified for use on Wikipedia.
pushpin_map A name of a {{location map}}. If coordinates are supplied to the infobox, a red triangle will be placed on the location map.
map_caption Caption to the map.
map_size Width of map
map_alt Alt field on image of map
map_upright Adaptive width of map, in terms of upright from Wiki image markup
mark Image file for marker used on pushpin_map (Defaults to )
markersize Height of the marker on the pushpin_map, in pixels (defaults to 16)
label Label next to marker on pushpin_map (defaults to name of seamount)
position Position of label relative to marker on pushpin_map
image Image of a part of the seamount, if one exists.
image_alt Alt text for image
image_caption Caption for image
image_size Size of the image, in pixels.
image_upright Adaptive size of the image, in terms of upright from Wiki image markup
language Name origin.
translation Explanation of naming meaning (most are pretty straightforward, however).
pronunciation IPA key
location For example, 80 miles west of Oregon, 20 miles southeast of Hawaiʻi, etc.
group Grouping – non-volcanic, see parameter below.
coordinates Coordinate location. Displayed automatically.
country Jurisdiction (often none; see Exclusive economic zone)
type Type of seamount (examples: hotspot volcano, knoll, guyot, seamount, mud volcano)
volcanic_group Volcanic grouping.
range If applies.
age In MYA.
last_activity Some are recent, most are not. This param includes earthquake swarms, deflation, etc.
last_eruption Last full-blown eruption. Checking the "eruptions" tab of the GVP page often works.
discovered Year of discovery.
discovered_by Usually the ship that compiled the discovery bathymetric.
first_visit First submersible dive etc. If applicable.

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