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Ancestral taxa
Dominyo: Eukaryota /displayed  [Taksonomiya; edit]
Klado: Amorphea  [Taksonomiya; edit]
Klado: Obazoa  [Taksonomiya; edit]
(walang ranggo): Opisthokonta  [Taksonomiya; edit]
(walang ranggo): Holozoa  [Taksonomiya; edit]
(walang ranggo): Filozoa  [Taksonomiya; edit]
Kaharian: Animalia  [Taksonomiya; edit]
Kalapian: Porifera  [Taksonomiya; edit]

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Parent: Animalia [Taxonomy; edit]
Rank: phylum (displays as Kalapian)
Link: Porifera
Extinct: no
Always displayed: yes (major rank)
Taxonomic references: Sponge Paraphyly is now "generally accepted" (according to, for example, the article at Porifera). For a recent reference summarizing this perspective, see Nielsen, Claus (2010). Animal Evolution: Interrelationships of the Living Phyla (third pat.). ISBN 9780199606023.{{cite book}}: CS1 maint: date auto-translated (link). This should be denoted in the link by double quotation marks ("").
Parent's taxonomic references: