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Studio album - White Denim
Inilabas25 Marso 2016 (2016-03-25)
UriIndie rock, garage rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, Southern rock, soul
TagagawaEthan Johns
White Denim kronolohiya
Corsicana Lemonade

Ang Stiff ay ang ikapitong album ng studio ng bandang White Denim. Ito ang kanilang unang paglabas kasunod ng pag-alis ng drummer na si Josh Block at gitarista na si Austin Jenkins, na umalis noong Marso 2015 upang magtrabaho sa debut album ni Leon Bridges na Coming Home. Sina Jonathan Horne at Jeff Olson ay sumali sa banda matapos maglakbay kasama si James Petralli sa kanyang solo na proyekto na Bop English. Si Stiff ay pinakawalan noong Marso 25, 2016 ng Downtown Records.

Background[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

"I wanted to treat this like a debut record. The band’s still called White Denim and it is because that’s what we’re calling it, essentially, but I definitely felt like we needed to go back-to-basics. It was like we write the tunes, rehearse them for a week or two weeks – we didn’t do a lot pre-production – then just bang it out. It was the first time to go in with a producer from the beginning of a record and finish with a producer as well."

— James Petralli, frontman

Paglabas at promosyon[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

Mga Singles[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

  • "Holda You (I'm Psycho)" - Ang unang solong pinakawalan kasama ang pag-anunsyo ng album. Sinabi ni Art Levy ng NPR Music na ang awit na "simultaneously struts and sprints".[1]
  • "Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah)" - Nabanggit ni Petralli si Curtis Mayfield bilang isang impluwensya sa likod ng tunog ng kaluluwa ng track, binabanggit - "It really started with me, sitting in my garage, playing around with Pusherman. R&B, in general, is where it’s at for me."[2][3]
  • "Had 2 Know (Personal)"[4]

Resepsyon[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

Si Stiff ay pinakawalan noong Marso 25, 2016 sa Downtown Records. Mark Demig, na suriin ang album para sa AllMusic sinabi "The edgy energy that's long been the band's trademark is present in abundance here, which is welcome news since Stiff debuts a new White Denim lineup."at idinagdag iyon "The tone here is frequently playful, especially when Petralli lets his blue-eyed soul accents come forth. But the attack is taut and the force of this music is no joke. Bigyan ng NME ang album ng tatlo sa limang bituin, pagtatapos "[The group] wear their virtuosity proudly and with each album their brand of bluesy, Southern-style boogie-woogie becomes less obscured by experimentation, although whether or not that’s a good thing is a moot point. This is certainly the kind of music punk had to be invented for. Binigyan ng Tagapangalaga si Stiff ng apat sa limang bituin, na pinupuri ang impluwensya ng kaluluwa sa pagkakasulat ng kanta - "Live, they may make your knees shake like Robert Plant, but on record the musicianship often eclipses the songs, resulting in a lack of truly memorable bangers. [Corsicana Lemonade] went some way towards changing that, but on their seventh, the Ethan Johns-produced Stiff, they’ve nailed it by embracing soul – or rather, running into its syrupy-sweet waters.

Mga Kumpetisyon[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

Publications Pag-aayos Taon Ranggo
Mojo The 50 Best Albums of 2016 2016

Listahan ng track[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

1."Had 2 Know (Personal)"4:06
2."Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah)"3:53
3."Holda You (I'm Psycho)"4:00
4."There’s a Brain in My Head"3:33
5."Take It Easy (Ever After Lasting Love)"3:26
6."(I’m the One) Big Big Fun"4:16
7."Real Deal Momma"3:48
8."Mirrored in Reverse"4:06
9."Thank You"4:38

Personal[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

White Denim[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

  • James Petralli – vocals and guitar
  • Steve Terebecki – bass, group vocals, synthesizer
  • Jonathon Horne – guitar, group vocals
  • Jeff Olson – drums, percussion, synthesizer, group vocals

Live[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

  • Mike St. Clair – trumpet, synthesizer

Mga karagdagang tauhan[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

  • Ethan Johns – producer

Mga tsart[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

Tsart (2016 Posisyon ng rurok
UK Albums (OCC) 20

Mga hitsura[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

Ang "Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah)" ay itinampok sa ibunyag na trailer para sa Nintendo Switch.[6][7]

Reperensiya[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

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