New York City Subway: Pagkakaiba sa mga pagbabago

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→‎Mga katawagan: gagawin na itong padron
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(→‎Mga katawagan: gagawin na itong padron)
=== Mga katawagan ===
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!Primary Trunk line
!Color<ref>Official paint monikers since the colors were fixed in 1979: {{cite web|first=Michael|last=Grynbaum|url=|title=Take the Tomato 2 Stops to the Sunflower|work=[[New York Times]], City Room Blog|date=May 10, 2010|accessdate=May 11, 2010}}</ref><ref>Official MTA video mentions "lime green" for the G line. {{cite web|url=|title=Subway Colors and Names|work=MTA Info|date=July 15, 2010|accessdate=August 5, 2010}}</ref>
![[Pantone]]<ref>[ MTA Developer Resources Download], [ CSV file]</ref>
![[Web colors|Hexadecimal]]
!Service bullets
|IND Linyang Ika-8 Abenida
<small>IND Eighth Avenue Line</small>
|Matingkad na bughaw
|PMS 286
|{{NYCS Eighth south|time=bullets}}
|IND Linyang Ika-6 na Abenida
<small>IND Sixth Avenue Line</small>
|Maliwanag na kahel
|PMS 165
|{{NYCS Sixth|time=bullets}}
|IND Linyang Crosstown
<small>IND Crosstown Line</small>
|Luntiang dayap
|PMS 376
|{{NYCS Crosstown|time=bullets}}
|BMT Linyang Kanarsi
<small>BMT Canarsie Line</small>
|Light slate gray
|50% itim
|{{NYCS Canarsie|time=bullets}}
|BMT Linyang Kalye Nassau
<small>BMT Nassau Street Line</small>
|Kayumangging terakota
|PMS 154
|{{NYCS Nassau south|time=bullets}}
|BMT Linyang Broadway
<small>BMT Broadway Line</small>
|Dilaw na sunflower
|PMS 116
|{{NYCS Broadway|time=bullets}}
|IRT Linyang Broadway-Ika-7 Abenida
<small>IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line</small>
|Pulang kamatis
|PMS 185
|{{#ifeq:{{{exclude}}}|2||{{NYCS time 2|2|icon=alltimes|text=all times|time={{{time|}}}}}{{NYCS br|punct={{#if:{{{complex|}}}|{{#switch:{{{complex}}}|end=,and|#default=,}}|{{#if:{{{exclude|}}}||and}}}}|time={{{time|}}}}}}}{{#if:{{{exclude|}}}||&#8203;}}{{#ifeq:{{{exclude}}}|3||{{NYCS time 2|3|icon=allexceptnights|text=all except late nights|time={{{time|}}}}}}}
|IRT Linyang Abenida Leksington
<small>IRT Lexington Avenue Line</small>
|Luntiang mansanas
|PMS 355
|{{NYCS Lexington|time=bullets}}
|IRT Linyang Flushing
<small>IRT Flushing Line</small>
|PMS Lila
|{{NYCS Flushing|time=bullets}}
|IND LInyang Ika-2 Abenida
<small>IND Second Avenue Line</small>
|PMS 638
|''Dark slate gray''
|70% itim
=== Mapa ng subway ===
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