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Australia {{{aus_tv}}}
Canada {{{can_tv}}}
Germany {{{dt_tv}}}
Hungary {{{hu_tv}}}
Hapon {{{jp_tv}}}
Malaysia {{{ms_tv}}}
New Zealand {{{nz_tv}}}
Pilipinas {{{phi_tv}}}
Poland {{{pl_tv}}}
Romania {{{ro_tv}}}
Singapore {{{sg_tv}}}
Slovakia {{{sk_tv}}}
Nagkakaisang Kaharian {{{uk_tv}}}
Estados Unidos {{{usa_tv}}}

Paggamit[baguhin ang wikitext]

Next to the fact that a rating can be different per country, note that unlike for a movie release, a television rating can change per episode, network and rerun. As such it's impossible to note correctly in the article as a fact and to do so might even be considered "unencyclopedic". A description like:

for instance is usually a better idea. Be sure to add your source when adding the information.

{{Infobox TV ratings
| can_tv    = 
| jp_tv     = 
| dt_tv     = 
| aus_tv    = 
| nz_tv     =
| hu_tv     =
| phi_tv    =
| pl_tv     = 
| ro_tv     = 
| ms_tv     = 
| sg_tv     = 
| sk_tv     = 
| uk_tv     = 
| usa_tv    = 

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