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Bot policy[baguhin ang batayan]

Hello, I did not find any trace of your bot policy. What is it ? Thanks in advance. Tieum p 02:15, 7 Pebrero 2009 (UTC)

You may wish to contact the bureaucrats User:Bluemask or User:Sky Harbor. Cheers. - AnakngAraw 02:23, 7 Pebrero 2009 (UTC)
We currently do not have a local bot policy, and we follow the English Wikipedia policy wholesale for now due to the size of this Wikipedia. However, if you see it fit to either propose or guide the community in formulating such a policy, go right ahead. --Sky Harbor (usapan) 03:12, 7 Pebrero 2009 (UTC)
To formalize, I created this: Wikipedia:Patakaran sa bot. - AnakngAraw 09:32, 7 Pebrero 2009 (UTC)

Racibórz[baguhin ang batayan]

Hi. Can somebody write an (at least ;] ) short stub about my city (Racibórz) on Tagalog Wikipedia? Many thanks for anyone who could do that :) Olos88 05:21, 22 Hulyo 2009 (UTC)

A stub request - US Election Assistance Commission[baguhin ang batayan]

Would someone mind making a Tagalog article on the U.S. Election Assistance Commission? The English article is here: en:U.S. Election Assistance Commission and the Tagalog website of the EAC is here: Thanks, WhisperToMe 05:59, 31 Agosto 2010 (UTC)

Foundation Images Policy[baguhin ang batayan]

Hi everyone,
I am Yosri from Malay Wikipedia. Recently I was informed by certain parties that MS Wiki need to delete any images tagged as Non-Commercial under Foundation Licensing policy. After I have done some studies, I realised that Wikipedia Foundations is moving towards allowing commercialises all images, as such they are acting on behalf of commercial company to require all images loaded with tagging Non-Commercial in all Wiki Project to be removed, including those loaded in local Wiki. You are only allowed to licenses your images under "free content", which specifically allows commercial reuse, example GDLF 1.2. Certain images is exempted under a very narrow EDP ("exemption doctrine policy") definition. If you all already aware about this, please ignore this comment. Otherwise, for more details please visit Yosri 05:23, 2 Marso 2011 (UTC)

Hi Yosri. The Tagalog Wikipedia is aware of the EDP and we have made moves towards implementing an EDP for the Tagalog Wikipedia, with very limited success. For some reason, the community simply isn't interested in implementing such a policy, especially since fair use is liberally applied in the Philippines. We have a proposed EDP at WP:PNDM, and I will inform the community about this. At any rate, we hope to get our EDP passed soon, if the community will be interested to discuss it. --Sky Harbor (usapan) 09:19, 9 Marso 2011 (UTC)

Article request[baguhin ang batayan]

Would anyone mind making an article about the en:Federal Emergency Management Agency? The destination would be at Ang Ahensiyang Namamahala ng Emerhensyang Pederal

Thanks WhisperToMe 00:01, 11 Marso 2011 (UTC)

Fundraiser 2011 translation[baguhin ang batayan]

Hi! I am Jon Harald Søby, and I work for the Wikimedia Foundation during the 2011 fundraiser. I am looking for people who can help coordinating the translations into Tagalog for this year's fundraiser. The coordinator task is to help find translators and quality checkers, and make sure the translations are done in time. If you want to help out with coordinating, translating or quality checking, add your name to this list or send me an e-mail at Jsoby 17:43, 17 Agosto 2011 (UTC)

language translation request[baguhin ang batayan]

The Wikimedia Foundation is preparing to launch a survey that it hopes will be helpful in discussing the future of how projects are funded on Wikipedia and sister sites. (More information about this can be read at meta:Fundraising and Funds Dissemination/Resource list and meta:Fundraising and Funds Dissemination/Recommendations, but you don't need to read it to help out here. :)) We would like input from as many people as possible, but the survey translations are not yet completed in many languages, including yours. The English version of the survey is at meta:Survey of how money should be spent/Questions/en. The Tagalog version, currently 53% complete, is at meta:Survey of how money should be spent/Questions/tl. If you can help, you would be very welcome!

Translations are done using the "translation tool". If you go to this special page, all you have to do is select your language from the pull-down menu, alphabetical by language code, and click "fetch". It will bring up a table. You can easily see what has been translated and what has not, because untranslated sections are green. Click on the blue text in the left column next to content that has not been translated to open up an editing box. Above the box, the English version is shown, and you can simply enter in your language translation beneath it.

The survey is pretty short, so I hope we can get it completed in time to send it to Tagalog-speaking editors in their own language. Thanks for any help you can offer! --Mdennis (WMF) (talk) 17:08, 5 Marso 2012 (UTC)

Translation please[baguhin ang batayan]

hi. can you translate this articles please =>> Specialized city and this =>> Types of cities by geographical regions. Thank you very much !. פארוק (Diskussion) 23:00, 12. Aug. 2012 (CEST)

Languages in censuses[baguhin ang batayan]

Hello, Dear wikipedians. I invite you to edit and improve this article and to add information about your and other country.--Kaiyr (makipag-usap) 13:38, 31 Oktubre 2014 (UTC)

JavaScript[baguhin ang batayan]

Hi. I can see that this project has old JavaScript that needs to be updated. I would happily make the required updates myself, but I would have to – at least temporarily – become an admin here to do that (because the relevant pages are in the MediaWiki namespace). I have already made these updates on a number of other projects, so it would be very easy for me to do this. If no one does anything, some JavaScript-related tools will break later this year. If you want me to make these updates, you can grant me admin rights and I will make the updates as soon as I can. Nirmos (makipag-usap) 21:21, 8 Hunyo 2016 (UTC)
What are those JavaScript that needs to be updated? I'm an admin here and Web Developer by profession and I can help update those JavaScripts. --Jojit (usapan) 01:33, 9 Hunyo 2016 (UTC)

Use tl translations for other languages of the Philippines[baguhin ang batayan]

Is there any interest/opinion on this? --Nemo bis (makipag-usap) 14:19, 20 Marso 2017 (UTC)

Help with translation[baguhin ang batayan]

(I apologize for posting in English ): Dear colleagues, We are organizing a project called WPWP that focus on the use of images collected as part of various contest and photowalks on Wikipedia articles across all languages and our team needs your help with translations into the language of this community. Here is the translation link: I am sorry if I post in the won't venue. Thanks in anticipation. T Cells (makipag-usap) 18:35, 13 Abril 2020 (UTC)

Question about the name of a Wiki user group in Tagalog[baguhin ang batayan]

Hi! I wonder what "Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong" would be in Tagalog? I would like to add a Tagalog translation of the name to the Commons page

Thanks, WhisperToMe (makipag-usap) 06:02, 23 Hulyo 2020 (UTC)