My Murdered Remains

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My Murdered Remains
Studio album - They Might Be Giants
InilabasDisyembre 10, 2018 (2018-12-10)
UriAlternative rock
Haba43:00 (standard disc)
35:25 (bonus disc)
TagagawaThey Might Be Giants, Pat Dillett
They Might Be Giants kronolohiya
I Like Fun
My Murdered Remains
The Escape Team

Ang My Murdered Remains ay ang dalawampu't-unang album sa studio ng New York City-based alternative rock band They Might Be Giants, na inilabas noong Disyembre 10, 2018[1] para sa digital na pag-download at pre-order. Ang pisikal na album ay inilabas noong tagsibol 2019.[2] Ang digital na pag-download at pre-order ay pinakawalan nang sabay-sabay sa The Escape Team.

Listahan ng track[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

Isinulat lahat ni(na) They Might Be Giants.

1."The Communists Have the Music"2:27
2."I've Been Seeing Things"3:21
3."Gudetama's Busy Days"2:35
6."Applause Applause Applause"2:07
7."The Neck Rolls Aren't Working"2:58
9."I Haven't Been Right Yet"2:35
10."Unctuous Robot"1:48
11."The Bullies"2:03
13."Rowboat Mayor"2:49
14."Tick Tick Tick"2:35
15."Last Wave (Alternative Version)"3:58
16."Best Regrets"3:35
More Murdered Remains (bonus disc)
1."This is Only Going to Go One Way" 2:41
2."Prepare" 2:56
3."No Cops" 1:22
4."Starry Eyes"Will Birch, John Wicks3:27
5."The Velvet Ape" 3:01
6."Tesla (2 4 6 8 Remix)" 2:04
7."Whole Lot of Glean" 2:15
8."I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar"Jonathan Richman2:18
9."Rock Club" 2:34
10."Thankful for Your Service" 2:12
11."The Summer Breeze" 2:06
12."Another Weirdo" 1:51
13."Door to Door Minotaur" 1:40
14."The Greatest (video edit)" 2:31
15."Christmas in the Big House" 1:54
16."The Power of Dial-A-Song" 1:04

Tauhan[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

They Might Be Giants

Additional musicians


  • Daniel Avila – engineering
  • Pat Dillett – production, mixing
  • James York – engineering

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