The Spine

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The Spine
Studio album - They Might Be Giants
Inilabas5 Hulyo 2004 (2004-07-05)
UriAlternative rock
TatakIdlewild/Zoë (US)
Cooking Vinyl (UK)
Shock Records (AU)
TagagawaPat Dillett
Propesyonal na pagsusuri
They Might Be Giants kronolohiya
Indestructible Object
The Spine
The Spine Hits the Road

The Spine ay ang ikasampung buong album ng studio sa pamamagitan ng They Might Be Giants. Ang album ay pinakawalan noong Hulyo 5, 2004 sa UK, at Hulyo 13 sa US. Ang album ay pinakawalan kasama ang isang kasamang EP, The Spine Surfs Alone. Pinauna ito ng Indestructible Object EP, na nagtampok ng dalawang track na lumilitaw sa The Spine.

Listahan ng track[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

Isinulat lahat ni(na) They Might Be Giants, maliban kung nabanggit.
1."Experimental Film"2:54
3."Memo to Human Resources"1:56
4."Wearing a Raincoat"3:07
7."Bastard Wants to Hit Me"2:13
8."The World Before Later On"1:52
9."Museum of Idiots"2:59
10."It's Kickin' In"1:58
12."Au Contraire"2:20
13."Damn Good Times (Marty Beller, Dan Miller, They Might Be Giants)"2:33
14."Broke in Two"2:55
15."Stalk of Wheat"1:24
16."I Can't Hide From My Mind"2:40
iTunes Bonus Track
17."Renew My Subscription"2:17

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