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Pilmograpiya ni Kim So-hyun
15.01.24 음악중심 김소현 퇴근길 02.jpg
Si Kim So-hyun noong 2015
Drama sa telebisyon37
Web drama1
Variety show1

Si Kim So-hyun (Koreano김소현; Hanja金所炫; ipinanganak noong Hunyo 4, 1999), isang aktres sa South Korea.[1] Nagsimula siya ng kanyang karera noong siya ay bata pa noong 2006, at nakuha niya ang atensiyon ng publiko ng siya ay gumanap na villainous young queen-to-be sa Moon Embracing the Sun (2012) at ang bilang isang babaeng nakaranas ng trahedya sa Missing You (2013). Una siyang naging bida sa teen drama na Who Are You: School 2015 (2015) simula noon ay nagbida na siya sa horror comedy na Hey Ghost, Let's Fight (2016), historical melodrama The Emperor: Owner of the Mask (2017), romantic comedy Radio Romance (2018) at The Tale of Nokdu (2019) dangan teen romance Love Alarm (2019).

Pelikula[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Taon Titulo Orihinal na titulo Papel Mga Nota Ref.
2008 My Name Is Pity 마당 위의 아이 young Jin-ha Short film
2010 Man of Vendetta 파괴된 사나이 Joo Hye-rin [2]
2011 Sin of a Family 우리 이웃의 범죄 Jung Myung-hee [3]
Spy Papa 스파이 파파 Soon-bok [4]
2012 I Am the King 나는 왕이로소이다 Sol-bi [5]
2013 Killer Toon 더 웹툰: 예고살인 young Mi-sook [6]
2016 Pure Love 순정 Jung Soo-ok [7]
The Last Princess 덕혜옹주 teenage Princess Deokhye [8]
2017 Your Name 너의 이름은 Mitsuha Miyamizu Voice (Korean dub) [9]

Mga serye sa telebisyon[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Si Kim sa OCN drama, Reset noong Setyembre, 2014
Si Kim at mga kasama niyang artista sa The Tale of Nokdu.
Kinailangan ni So Hyun na putulin ang kanyang buhok sa The Tale of Nokdu.
Films that have not yet been released Hindi pa naipapalabas
Taon Titulo Orihinal na Titulo Role Istasyon Mga Nota Ref.
2006 Drama City "Ten Minute, Minor" 드라마시티 - 십분간, 당신의 사소한 KBS2
2007 A Happy Woman 행복한 여자 young Lee Ji-yeon
Que Sera Sera 케세라세라 young Han Eun-soo MBC
2008 Hometown of Legends

"Child, Let's Go to Cheong Mountain"

전설의 고향 Yeon-hwa KBS2 [10]
2008–2009 Wife and Woman 아내와 여자 Jo Je-ni
2009 Ja Myung Go 자명고 Myo-ri SBS
The Children of Heaven 천국의 아이들 Kim Son-young Fundraising campaign drama [11]
Loving You a Thousand Times 천만번 사랑해 [12]
2010 Becoming a Billionaire 부자의 탄생 young Lee Shin-mi KBS2
King of Baking, Kim Takgu 제빵왕 김탁구 young Gu Ja-rim
2011 The Thorn Birds 가시나무새 young Seo Jung-eun [13]
The Duo 짝패 young Geum-ok MBC
2011–2012 Padam Padam 빠담빠담… 그와 그녀의 심장박동소리 young Jung Ji-na JTBC
2012 Moon Embracing the Sun 해를 품은 달 young Yoon Bo-kyung MBC [14]
Rooftop Prince 옥탑방 왕세자 young Hong Se-na /

young Crown Princess Hwa-yong

SBS [15]
Love Again 러브 어게인 Jung Yoo-ri JTBC [16]
Reckless Family - Season 1 무작정 패밀리 Kim So-hyun MBC Every 1 [17]
Ma Boy 마보이 Jang Geu-rim Tooniverse [18]
2012–2013 Missing You 보고싶다 young Lee Soo-yeon MBC [19]
2013 Iris II: New Generation 아이리스 2 young Ji Soo-yeon KBS2 [20]
The Secret of Birth 출생의 비밀 young Jung Yi-hyun SBS [21]
I Can Hear Your Voice 너의 목소리가 들려 young Jang Hye-sung [22]
The Suspicious Housekeeper 수상한 가정부 Eun Han-gyul [23]
2014 Triangle 트라이앵글 young Shin-hye MBC [24]
Reset 리셋 Choi Seung-hee / Jo Eun-bi OCN [25]
We All Cry Differently 다르게 운다 Ryu Ji-hye KBS2 Drama special [26]
2015 A Girl Who Sees Smells 냄새를 보는 소녀 Choi Eun-seol SBS Cameo, episode 1-2 and 5 [27]
Who Are You: School 2015 후아유 - 학교 2015 Lee Eun-bi / Go Eun-byul KBS2 [28]
2016 Page Turner 페이지터너 Yoon Yoo-seul Drama special [29]
Hey Ghost, Let's Fight 싸우자 귀신아 Kim Hyun-ji tvN [30]
Guardian: The Lonely and Great God 도깨비 Queen Sun-hee / Kim Sun Cameo, episode 1 and 7-13 [31]
2017 The Emperor: Owner of the Mask 군주 - 가면의 주인 Han Ga-eun MBC [32]
While You Were Sleeping 당신이 잠든 사이에 Park So-yoon SBS Cameo, Episode 3–8 and 32 [33]
2018 Radio Romance 라디오 로맨스 Song Geu-rim KBS2 [34]
2019–present Love Alarm 좋아하면 울리는 Kim Jo-jo Netflix [35][36]
2019 The Tale of Nokdu 조선로코 - 녹두전 Dong Dong-joo / Eun-seo KBS [37]

Web series[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Taon Titulo Orihinal na Titulo Role Website Ref.
2016 Nightmare Teacher 악몽선생 Kang Ye-rim Naver TV Cast [38]

Variety show[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Kim sa This Is My First Twenty's conference kan 2018.
Taon Titulo Istasyon Role Ref.
2018 Because This Is My First Twenty: Kim So-hyun's YOLO SOLO California Lifetime Main cast [39]

Because This Is My First Twenty[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

No.TitleOriginal air date

"Because It's My First Solo Trip to the US"
(나홀로 미국여행은 처음이라)  

28 Setyembre 2018 (2018-09-28)

At the beginning, Kim So Hyun struggled packing for her first trip to the United States. She brought a skipping rope that didn't need for a trip, lactic acid medicine, and acupressure massage tools. In addition, she brings along her scrapbook that contains various information for the trip and check her bucket list in the car.[40]

Episode quote: I won't eat a lot but I'll taste everything. 

"My First Time Meeting Someone with 1,000 outfits"
(김소현이 옷 1,000벌 가진 패피 만난 건 처음이라)  

5 Oktubre 2018 (2018-10-05)

Kim revealed that she usually wears comfortable clothes; tracksuits. So, Kim made a surprise encounter with world-famous fashion influencer, Aimee Song to receive fashion tips from her and recommends the perfect style for Kim. As soon as they meet Kim So-hyun and Aimee Song, showed their heartwarming chemistry by continuing the relay of praise and letting Kim try. Kim was surprised to see Aimee Song's closet reminiscent of a department store with many fashion items and costumes.[41]

Guests: Aimee Song 

"Because This Is My First Fashion Haul for XXX 10,000 Won"
(김소현에게 XXX만원짜리 패션하울은 처음이라)  

12 Oktubre 2018 (2018-10-12)

Aimee Song guides Kim So-hyun to a Mexican restaurant. Kim showed her unique charm from mukbang to shopping at a famous vintage shop in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, to showcase a unique fashion that maximise the charm of a 20 years old Kim So-hyun. The meeting between Aimee Song and Kim So Hyun has been publicized on Instagram Live before broadcasting to show Kim's styling transformation.[42]

Guests: Aimee Song 

"Because This Is My First Time Being In A Hollywood Movie"
(김소현의 해리포터 기숙사 방배정은 처음이라)  

16 Oktubre 2018 (2018-10-16)
Kim So-hyun explores Warner Bros. Studios with curiosity as a 20s actor and constantly asking questions to the guide. She visited DC Universe: The Exhibit, Harry Potter, and Fantastic Beasts, Stage 48 In particular, she, as a fan who announced her enthusiasm for the Harry Potter series, showing a special affection for Harry Potter, such as wearing her own Harry potter school uniform and challenging special shoots.[43] 

"Because It Is The First Dog with More Followers Than Me"
(김소현보다 팔로워 많은 강아지는 처음이라)  

19 Oktubre 2018 (2018-10-19)

Kim So-hyun visited Instagram Headquarters in Los Angeles and having a good time meeting with Jiffpom, a World SNS star dog who has eight million followers.[43]

Guests: Jiffpom 

"Because This Is My First Time Having A Greater Dream"
(김소현이 헐리우드에 간 건 처음이라)  

23 Oktubre 2018 (2018-10-23)

Kim So-hyun visited the place where the Academy Awards ceremony is held and leave a surprise video letter to national actors Lee Byung Hun and Ahn Sung Ki. The 20-year-old Kim So-hyun, who visited Hollywood at the Holy Land of the film revealed her aspirations as an actor. She also shows the foreign fan who she met by chance with fluent English and fan service.

Episode quote: "You can enjoy more if you know more about movies. Each stone, wall painting and poster had a special meaning from a movie. If you know the movie well or if you've watched it, you'd be able to enjoy much more." 

"Because This Is My First Once In A Lifetime Photo"
(김소현이 미국 탑 인싸에게 셀카 강의 듣는 건 처음이라)  

26 Oktubre 2018 (2018-10-26)

Kim So-hyun demonstrates her reverse self ability by attempting a self show at a street art on Melrose Avenue where American fashion people gather. She visited a company of fashion world famous boss, Chriselle Lim and photographers from Insa and they gave honey tips for life.

Guests: Chriselle Lim 

"Because Its My First Time Finding A Flower in the Desert"
(김소현이 사막에서 아이스크림 먹방은 처음이라)  

30 Oktubre 2018 (2018-10-30)

Kim So-hyun arrived at a famous hand made burger in the American West since 1952. Then, she went to Joshua Tree National Park, Salvation Mountain, the Mojave Desert and Seven Magic Mountains.

Episode quote: "You learn as you try"

"Flowers bloom even in a desert." (She refers this to the Salvation Mountain as the flower in the desert.) 

"Because Its My First Time Looking At The Stars In A Desert"
(김소현이 사막에서 혼자 캠핑하긴 처음이라)  

2 Nobyembre 2018 (2018-11-02)

Kim also challenged her first camping under the stars for her bucket list. She also showed her cooking skills by roasting the meat alone with confidence and even tried doing the "Salt Bae" way of sprinkling salt on to the meat. She then revealed her struggles in her acting career and living as an actress.

Episode quote: "When you are acting or living as an actress, there is nothing tangible that you can grab. You are not doing it to hold onto something, but for that intangible something that you cannot hold, you have to continue walking and go through the process of going forward."

"It is hard for someone doing it for the first time, but after trying it once, you wonder why you were so scared, and realise it is not as bad as you thought. And you can also discover a new side of yourself and learn about what you cannot do and what you are good at. So, when you are twenty, you should try once, do not think it matters if it is close or far." 

"Because It Is The First Beach Shing Like A Jewel"
(김소현이 해변에서 치즈폭발 햄버거 먹방은 처음이라)  

6 Nobyembre 2018 (2018-11-06)
Kim So-Hyun went strolling at the Venice Beach and learn how to ride an electronic scooter for the first time. 

"Because It Is My First Splendid Night Out"
(김소현이 라스베가스에서 초호화 호텔 투어는 처음이라)  

9 Nobyembre 2018 (2018-11-09)
Fulfilling Kim So-hyun's bucket list, she went on a Las Vegas limousine tour to the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign and visits to various hotels such as the Luxor Hotel and Paris Hotel

"Because It Is My First Time Flying"
(김소현에게도 스무 살은, 처음이자 마지막이라)  

13 Nobyembre 2018 (2018-11-13)

Kim So-hyun visits Fremont Street, one of the top three major night view attractions of Las Vegas. Kim then challenged herself to the Las Vegas specialty zip-line. At the ending of the episode, Kim shared a video letter to friends who are about to become twenty years old. Kim So Hyun, who was worried about her first solo appearance in her debut 10 years, shares her impression that she discovered the 'twenty years old Kim Sohyun', which she did not know through her travels.

Episode quote: "Rather than fearing, take action. You can still take away something from the process even if you fail. Through that process, you will become more mature and through such process, you become happy."

"It's okay to challenge yourself without fear because this is the first time in 20s." 

Hosting[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Noong Hunyo 2016
Taon Titulo Istasyon Mga Nota Ref.
2013-2015 Show! Music Core MBC with Noh Hong-chul, Choi Min-ho and Zico [44]
2015 The Thousand Won Concert (Di-nauugnay) Orchestra with Ham Shin-ik [45][46]
KBS Drama Awards KBS with Jun Hyun-moo and Park Bo-gum [47]
2016 Dream Concert SBS with Leeteuk and Hong Jong-Hyun [48]
Running Man Christmas special, episode 331. [49]
2018 27th Seoul Music Awards KBS N with Kim Heechul and Shin Dong-yup [50]
2018–2019 Under 19 MBC Host & Official Supporter of the group [51]
2019 28th Seoul Music Awards KBS N with Kim Heechul and Shin Dong-yup [52]

Narration[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Taon Titulo Istasyon Ref.
2013 Global Homestay: The Way Home MBC [53]
2018 2018 National Choice SBS [54]

Pagluwas sa mga music video[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Taon Titulo kan Kanta Artist Ref.
2012 "Let's Walk Together" (같이 걷자) Touch [55][56]
"Legend of Tears" (전설같은 이야기) Hi.Ni [57]
2013 "I Yah" (아이야) Boyfriend [58]

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