Hukbong Kawal Pandagat ng Pilipinas

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Hukbong Kawal Pandagat ng Pilipinas
Philippine Marine Corps
Seal of the Philippine Marine Corps.svg
Sagisag ng Hukbong Kawal Pandagat
Active 2 Nobyembre 1950; 70 taon nang nakalipas (1950-11-02)
Bansa  Pilipinas
Sangay Hukbong Dagat ng Pilipinas
Uri Kawal Pandagat
Sukat 8,300
Bahagi ng Sandatahang Lakas ng Pilipinas
Garison/Punong himpilan Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Pilipinas
Palayaw PMC, Philippine Marines
"The Few, The Proud, The Marines"
"The Best in Soldiery"
Motto Karangalan, Katungkulan, Kabayanihan
("Honor, Duty, Valor")
Mga kulay Scarlet, Gold and Blue
Mga anibersaryo November 7
Mga pakikipaglaban Communist Insurgencies
Islamic Insurgencies,
Counter Insurgencies-Terrorism,
Civilian Military Operations,
International Peace Support and Humanitarian Relief Operations,
UN Peacekeeping Operations
Mga komandante
Kumandante ng Hukbong Kawal Pandagat PHIL ARMY MGEN WOODLAND.svg Major General Emmanuel B. Salamat, AFP
Flag Flag of the Philippine Marine Corps.png
Battledress identification patch PM battledress patch.svg
Emblem PMC Emblem.svg

Ang Hukbong Kawal Pandagat (PMC; Ingles na wika: Philippine Marine Corps), ay isang uri ng Kawal Pandagat ng Pilipinas, isang uri ng Kawal Marino na nasa patnubay ng Hukbong Dagat ng Pilipinas. ang trabaho nila ang magbantay ng mga Dakong Tubig Kagaya ng Ayungin Shoal Kung Saan nakalagak ang isang bantay barko ng Hukbong Dagat na BRP Sierra Madre. Naglulunsad sila ng mga labanan sa karagatan kasama ng Hukbong Dagat ng Pilipinas sila ay Katumbas ng Hukbong Katihan ng Pilipinas ngunit gamit pandagat.

Major Equipment[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Infantry weapons[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Picture Model Origin Type Caliber Version In Service Notes
M1911 A1 pistol.jpg M1911 pistol Padron:US
Semi-automatic pistol .45 ACP M1911 unknown Standard issue sidearm, mixed between former US stocks and new locally sourced units made by Armscor. Some pistols refurbished and upgraded by Government Arsenal.
Submachine gun
MP5.jpg Heckler & Koch MP5  Germany Submachine gun 9×19mm MP5A3
unknown Issued to Force Reconnaissance Battalion.[1]
M3-SMG.jpg M3 submachine gun  Estados Unidos Submachine gun .45 ACP M3A1 Upgraded unknown Some reserved units refurbished and upgraded with Picatinny rail, optical sights, and suppressors. Used by armored crew and support troops.[2][3]
Assault rifle
M16 rifle Padron:US
Assault rifle 5.56×45mm A1
A1 (enhanced)
A1 Dissipator
unknown Standard issue rifle, either made by Colt USA or Elisco Tool Philippines. Government Arsenal refurbishing M16A1-standard rifles to M16A1 (enhanced).
Night Fighting Weapon System rifle with NVS scope.png Night Fighting Weapons System  Pilipinas Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NFWS unknown Introduced in 2004, developed by the PMC based on M16A1 rifle after experiences in the MSSR. Used by Force Recon Battalion.[4]
M4A1 ACOG.jpg M4 carbine Padron:US Carbine 5.56×45mm Colt M4 & M4A1
Remington R4A3
6,443 (+969)
Remington R4A3 to replace the M16A1 as the PMC's standard rifle. 6,443 units will be delivered to the PMC from the first batch of 50,629 delivered to the AFP.[5] More expected from additional orders made by AFP. Colt M4s are used by Force Recon Battalion.
HK416.jpg Heckler & Koch HK416  Germany Carbine 5.56×45mm D10RS & D14.5RS unknown Used by Force Recon Battalion.[6]
AR-15 Sporter SP1 Carbine.JPG CAR-15 Padron:US Carbine 5.56×45mm M653
unknown Used by Force Recon Battalion.
M14 rifle - USA - 7,62x51mm - Armémuseum.jpg M14 rifle Padron:US Battle rifle / designated marksman rifle 7.62×51mm M14 unknown Standard battle rifle, several were installed with optics and used as designated marksman rifles.
Garand.jpg M1 Garand  Estados Unidos Semi-automatic rifle .30-06 Springfield M1 unknown Used for ceremonial purposes. Others distributed to ROTC units armed and trained by the Philippine Marine Corps.
Sniper rifle
Sniper Rifles M40 XM21.jpg M21 Sniper Weapon System  Estados Unidos Sniper rifle 7.62×51mm M21 unknown Standard sniper rifle
MSSR rifle camo paint.jpg Marine Scout Sniper Rifle  Pilipinas Sniper rifle 5.56×45mm MSSR 1st Gen
MSSR 2nd Gen
MSSR 3rd Gen
unknown Introduced in 1996, developed by the PMC based on M16A1 rifle.[4] Effective in primary to intermediate ranges.
Remington Model 700.JPG Remington Model 700  Estados Unidos Sniper rifle 7.62×51mm M40A1 unknown Introduced the M700P in 2004, modified by the PMC to M40A1 standard to suit their requirements[4][7]
Barrett M95SP.jpg Barrett M95  Estados Unidos Sniper rifle .50 BMG M95 unknown Used by Marine Scout Snipers.[4]
Machine gun
M249mg.jpg FN Minimi  Belgium Light machine gun 5.56×45mm Minimi 76 Standard Squad Automatic Weapon.[8]
M60.jpg M60 machine gun  Estados Unidos General-purpose machine gun 7.62×51mm M60E3
Standard general purpose machine gun. 230 new M60E4 (Mk. 43) delivered in 2014. Several older M60E3 were refurbished to M60E4 standards by Government Arsenal.
Browning M1919a.png M1919 Browning machine gun  Estados Unidos Medium machine gun .30-06 Springfield M1919A4
unknown Used for static/base defense, mounted on vehicles, including gun trucks, and training of auxiliary and reserve units.[3][9]
Machine gun M2 1.jpg M2 Browning  Estados Unidos Heavy machine gun .50 BMG M2
unknown Standard heavy machine gun. Either on tripod or vehicle mounted.
Grenade Launcher
M203 1.jpg M203 grenade launcher  Estados Unidos Grenade launcher 40mm M203
unknown Attached to M4/M4A1 and M16A1/M16A2 rifles.
PEO M320 Grenade Launcher.jpg M320 Grenade Launcher Module  Germany Grenade launcher 40mm M320
M320 stand-alone
unknown Attached to HK416 carbine. Several units are in stand-alone system.
M79 afmil.jpg M79 grenade launcher  Estados Unidos Grenade launcher 40mm M79 unknown
M-32 Grenade Launcher.jpg Milkor MGL  Estados Unidos Grenade launcher 40mm M32A1 unknown In limited numbers.[10][11]
CIS 40 AGL  Singapore Automatic grenade launcher 40mm Standard 0 (+8) 8 ordered in 2014.[12]

Anti-tank and Assault Weapons[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Picture Model Origin Type Caliber Version In Service Notes
Armbrust rocket launcher photo Iraq OIG.jpg Armbrust  Germany/ Singapore Anti-tank Weapon 67mm Armbrust AT unknown Sourced from Singapore, in limited numbers as an alternative to recoilless rifles.[13]
M72 Light Anti-tank Weapon (7414626756).jpg M72 LAW  Estados Unidos Anti-tank Weapon 66mm unknown unknown In limited service with the Force Reconnaissance Battalion.
Rcl106lat2.jpg M40  Estados Unidos Recoilless rifle 105mm M40 unknown Vehicle mounted, mostly on M151 or MMPV vehicles.
M67 recoilless rifle 01.jpg M67  Estados Unidos Recoilless rifle 90mm M67 unknown Standard shoulder-mounted assault and anti-tank weapon.

Night Vision Equipment[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Picture Model Origin Type Version In Service Notes
Land Warrior PVS-14 Night Vision Device.jpg AN/PVS-14  Estados Unidos Monocular Night Vision Device M914A unknown
AN PVS-7 Cyclops.JPG AN/PVS-7  Estados Unidos Binocular Night Vision Device - unknown
Night Optics Argus D-740  Estados Unidos Night Vision Weapons Sight D-740 unknown used on Night Fighting Weapon System Rifles[14]
Night Optics Gladius D-760  Estados Unidos Night Vision Weapons Sight D-740 unknown used on Night Fighting Weapon System Rifles[14]
Litton M845  Estados Unidos Night Vision Weapons Sight M845 Mk.II unknown used on Night Fighting Weapon System Rifles[14]
AN-PEQ-2A-aiminglight.jpg AN/PEQ-2  Estados Unidos Target Pointer/Illuminator/Aiming Light - unknown

Armored vehicles[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Picture Model Origin Type Version In Service Notes
USMarines AAV Iraq apr 2004 116 hires.jpg KAAV7A1  Republika ng Korea  Estados Unidos Armoured Personnel Carrier KAAV7A1 0 (+8) Delivery expected by 2 years & 6 months after the signing of the contract.[15]
LVTH-6 AAC.jpg LVT-5  Estados Unidos Amphibious Fire Support Vehicle LVTH-6 4 Previously out of service, refurbished and recommissioned in 2006 with armor upgrades.
Cadillac Gage Commando.JPEG Commando  Estados Unidos Armoured personnel carrier V-150 ~18 Delivery starting 1975,[16] at least 18 known in service[17] and 12 refurbished in 2007.[18]
LAV-300  Estados Unidos Armored personnel carrier & Fire Support Vehicle V-300 APC
V-300 FSV
Introduced in early 90s. 23 in service as at 2012,[19] 1 FSV destroyed in enemy action.
Gun Truck.jpg M35 Armored Gun Truck  Estados Unidos/
Armored Gun Trucks M35 Gun Truck unknown Several M35 2 1/2-ton cargo trucks were converted to armored gun trucks by the PMC using armor plating from decommissioned LVT-5, acting as armored personnel carriers or armored escort vehicles.[20]

Utility vehicles[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Picture Model Origin Type Version In Service Notes
Marine Multi-purpose Vehicle  Pilipinas Light Utility Vehicle and Weapons Carrier MMPV unknown To replace the M151, or as a cheaper alternative to the Humvee. Several are armed with an M40 106mm recoilless rifle[21]
Delta Mini Cruiser (Philippine Army).jpg Delta Mini Cruiser  Pilipinas 1/4-ton Light Utility Vehicle M1777 unknown Divided into several variants and series, including short and stretched utility and armed variants, and modified variants for specialized units.
JeepFrontM151.jpg M151  Estados Unidos 1/4-ton Light Utility Vehicle and Weapons Carrier Standard In Service, several carrying M40 106mm recoilless rifle.
060322-N-5438H-018 U.S. Army soldiers assigned to the Bravo Battery 3rd Battalion 320th Field Artillery Regiment along with Iraq Army soldiers from the 1st Battalion 1st Brigade 4th Division perform a routine patrol.jpg AM General HMMWV  Estados Unidos Light Utility Vehicle M998A1
unknown Divided into several variants and series
Philippine Army HUMVEE Ambulance.JPG Maxi-Ambulance  Estados Unidos Light Utility Vehicle M1152 4 23 delivered to AFP in November 2011,[22] PMC received 4 units.
Kia KM-450 Truck.jpg KM-45 Series  Republika ng Korea 1 1/2-ton Utility Vehicle
Field Ambulance
651 purchased by AFP on 2007, 61 units shared by Navy/Marines and Air Force[23]
60 km-451 field ambulance purchased by AFP in 2012, 12 went to the Marines.
Freightliner M2 Business Class Crew Cab 6x4 2012.jpg Freightliner M2  Estados Unidos Utility Truck M2 106 Crew Cab 6 Hauler for Riverine Patrol Boat trailer, each with RPB trailer.[24]
M35.jpg M35 Truck  Estados Unidos 2 1/2-ton Utility Vehicle M35 Divided into several variants and series. More delivered in 2013.
M35 6x6 Truck - Marines(A).jpg KM-250 Series  Republika ng Korea 2 1/2-ton Utility Vehicle KM-250 -
US Marine Corps 030224-M-XT622-034 USMC M923 (6X6) 5-ton cargo truck heads a convoy departing Camp Matilda, Kuwait crop.jpg M939 truck  Estados Unidos Heavy Utility Vehicle M923 Several delivered to AFP in 2013, several units for the Marines.[25]
KM-500 Series  Republika ng Korea 5-ton Utility Vehicle KM-500 12 155mm Artillery prime mover. 1st batch of 6 delivered 2012.
Hydratek D2488  Estados Unidos Amphibious Support Vehicle D2488B 10 Acquired in 2015.
LARC V vehicle.JPEG LARC-V  Estados Unidos Amphibious Support Vehicle LARC-V 5 Most refurbished in 2006.
GKN Aquatrack  United Kingdom Amphibious Support Vehicle Aquatrack 2 Introduced in the mid 1990s. Originally owned by the Office of Civil Defense but under PMC stewardship.

Artillery[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Picture Model Origin Type Version In Service Notes
M75 mortar  Pilipinas 60mm Mortar M75 unknown Several hundred units were produced as part of the AFP Self-Reliance Defense Posture Program starting 1977, several distributed for the PMC.[26]
Mortar M29.jpg M29 mortar  Estados Unidos 81mm Mortar M29 unknown In service.[19]
Field Artillery
M101-105mm-howitzer-camp-pendleton-20050326.jpg M101  Estados Unidos 105mm Towed Howitzer M101 ~23 Total 150 delivered to the AFP, majority with the Army. Delivered in 1957-1958.[16]
Spanish-marines-man-105mm-howitzer-19811001.jpg Mod 56  Italya 105mm Towed Howitzer Mod 56 ~20 Total 250 delivered to AFP, majority went to the Army. Delivered in 1983.[16][17]

Anti-Aircraft[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Picture Model Origin Type Version In Service Notes
Bofors 40 mm-Left Rear Side View.JPG Bofors 40mm L/60  Sweden/ Estados Unidos Anti-Aircraft gun Single Naval Mk. 3
Twin Naval Mk. 16
- Formerly ship-mounted anti-aircraft guns, transferred to the PMC. Mounted on trailer carriages.[17][27] More being planned as the navy transfers more gun mounts to the PMC.
HMS Dido gun.jpg Oerlikon 20mm gun  Switzerland/ Estados Unidos Anti-Aircraft gun Single Naval Mk. 10 Formerly ship-mounted anti-aircraft guns, transferred to the PMC. Mounted of M35 2 1/2-ton trucks.[17][27]
Twin M2-Left Rear Side View.JPG M2 Browning  Estados Unidos Heavy machine gun Twin Naval Mk. 56 Formerly patrol boat-mounted guns, either mounted on a naval gun tub fitted on an M35 2 1/2-ton trucks that tows the Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft gun trailers, or on trailer mounts.[17][27]

Watercraft[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

Mga sanggunian[baguhin | baguhin ang batayan]

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Picture Model Origin Type Version In Service Notes