Sonshine Media Network International

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Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI)
UriBroadcast television network
IsloganWhere Everything is Possible
A World of Endless Posibilities
(Mga) pangunahing tauhan
Apollo C. Quiboloy (Founder and Honorary Chairman)
Marlon Rosete (President and CEO)
Nelida Lizada (Head)
Petsa ng unang pagpapalabas
1989; 35 taon ang nakalipas (1989)
(Mga) dating pangalan
ACQ Broadcasting Network (1989-1992)
ACQ Worldwide Broadcast Ministries-Q Channel (1993-2003)
ETV-39 (1998-2001)
ACQ-Kingdom Broadcasting Network (2003-2010)
Opisyal na websayt
SMNI website

Ang Sonshine Media Network International o SMNI ay isang estasyong pantelebisyon ebanghelista sa Pilipinas na binuo ni Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy Base sa Davao City Ang Kanilang main studios ay matatagpuan sa JC Compound, Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway, Catitipan, Davao City, At ang studio at office ay matatagpuan sa ACQ Tower, Sta. Rita Street, corner Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City.

Mga programa ng SMNI[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

Kasalukuyan[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

  • A Day in the life of the Appointed Son of God - Short on-trip segment on Give Us This Day features the activities of Pastor Apollo.
  • Daily Dose of David Axel - Nightly short segment on Give Us This Day with the Children's Joy Foundation kids
  • Give Us This Day (2003–present) - A nightly show featuring fellowship with the Appointed Son of God, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, singing and sharing of victory reports from viewers and Kingdom citizens around the world.
  • Gospel of the Kingdom - A daily preaching program of Pastor Quiboloy featuring The King is Coming Tours from around the world. (also aired on IBC, KCNS, KIKU-TV, KVMD-TV, WSKY, Canada Hope TV and Joytv)
  • Highest Praise – Music videos featuring Kingdom Original Music by the Kingdom Musicians.
  • Kingdom Upclose - Recent church happenings, including the activities of Pastor Quiboloy.
  • Mindanao Karon - A 1-hour Saturday morning news and commentary program hosted by Boy B'laan aired in the Teleradyo format simulcasting from DXRD 711 kHz Davao City
  • Newsline World (2006, 2011–present) (formerly Newsline) - SMNI's English late night newscast.
  • Newsline Philippines (2006–present) (formerly Newsline Pilipinas) - SMNI's morning news program in Filipino language. (It became the network's flagship newscast right after Newsline Mindanao go off the air during the rebranding of SMNI)
  • Powerline (1995–present) – A 1 and a half hour Filipino-language program of Pastor Quiboloy, where he discusses religious issues and answers queries.
  • Quiet Moments – An hour of instrumental praise and worship combined with scenic views from the Garden of Eden Restored.
  • Sonshine Kiddie Co. - this is the newest children's program that teaches good values.
  • Sounds of Worship - This program airs the Live Thanksgiving and Worship Presentation held in Davao City and different parts of the world.
  • The Passion of the Christ - Airs during Holy Week only (also aired on TV5 for the Filipino dubbed and censored version)

Espesyal[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

  • Christmas from the Heart (2003–present) - A Christmas program produced for the benefit of the Children's Joy Foundation, whose goal is "To Feed, To Clothe, and To Send to School Millions of Children in the Philippines".
  • Straight from the Heart

Paparating[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

  • Sonshine Sports TV

Mga dating programa ng SMNI[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

  • Batang Kaharian (lit. Kingdom Child) – A 30-minute religious education program for children sponsored by the Children's Joy Foundation.
  • Daily Light – An hour of instrumental praise and worship combined with scenic views.
  • Eagle's Eye
  • Generation K - a youth-oriented program produced in cooperation with the Keepers Club International.
  • I Am the Way – A 30-minute program of discussion of the Kingdom Doctrines based on the preaching of Pastor Quiboloy.
  • International Hour - a program that features bible studies and preachings in foreign languages, done by the Kingdom's world ambassadors.
  • Newsline Mindanao - SMNI's news program for Visayas/Mindanao edition. (Ironically, although the newscast's main language is Bisaya, it is the network's flagship newscast.)
  • News@12 - A 15-minute daily news program.
  • SMNI Election Watch (May 14, 2013)
  • State of the Nation Address Coverage (2013–present)
  • The Hour of Truth - 90-minute religious program (seen on IBC 13)
  • The Weekender World - Sonshine TV's 30-minute weekend news program.
  • Walk with the Son – A 60-minute program that features testimonies, "victory reports" and life stories .
  • Way Ahead - A 30-minute youth-oriented program.

Mga estasyon ng SMNI sa Pilipinas[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

SMNI TV Nationwide[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

Branding Callsign Ch. # Power (kW) Station Type Location (Transmitter site)
SMNI TV-43 Davao DXAQ-TV TV-43 50 kW Originating Davao
SMNI TV-39 Manila DWAQ-TV TV-39 60 kW Originating Metro Manila
SMNI TV-35 Laoag DWLQ-TV TV-35 5 kW Relay Laoag
SMNI TV-38 Vigan DWVQ-TV TV-38 5 kW Relay Vigan
SMNI TV-45 Dagupan DZRM-TV TV-45 10 kW Relay Dagupan
SMNI TV-37 Isabela DWIQ-TV TV-37 5 kW Relay Santago
SMNI TV-41 Palawan DYPQ-TV TV-41 5 kW Relay Puerto Princesa
SMNI TV-39 Roxas DYRQ-TV TV-39 5 kW Relay Roxas
SMNI TV-35 Cebu DYBQ-TV TV-35 10 kW Relay Cebu
SMNI TV-37 Cagayan De Oro DXCQ-TV TV-37 5 kW Relay Cagayan de Oro
SMNI TV-39 Butuan DXUQ-TV TV-39 5 kW Relay Butuan

SMNI sa telebisyong kable[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

Cable Provider Ch. # Coverage
Cablelink 95 Metro Manila
Destiny Cable 97
SkyCable 162
Cignal TV 186 Nationwide
G Sat Direct TV 80

Mga estasyong Sonshine Radio[baguhin | baguhin ang wikitext]

Branding Callsign Frequency Power (kW) Location
Sonshine Radio Davao DXRD 711 kHz 15 kW Davao
Sonshine Radio National DZAR 1026 kHz 50 kW Batangas City/Metro Manila
Sonshine Radio Dagupan DZRD 981 kHz 10 kW Dagupan
Sonshine Radio Tuguegarao DZYT 765 kHz 10 kW Tuguegarao
Sonshine Radio Santiago DWSI 864 kHz 10 kW Santiago
Sonshine Radio Cabanatuan DWAY 1332 kHz 5 kW Cabanatuan
Sonshine Radio Cebu DYAR 765 kHz 15 kW Cebu
Sonshine Radio Zamboanga DXYZ 963 kHz 10 kW Zamboanga
Sonshine Radio Cagayan De Oro DXCL 1098 kHz 15 kW Cagayan de Oro

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